Although short hair and curly hair seem, enemies, the truth is that many most flattering hairstyles will convince you to go through the scissors. Discover them!

For a few seasons, short hair has become one of the main protagonists of hair trends. Also, the latest fashions in terms of hairstyles, make textured and curly hairs the big winners. And, short and curly hair is the most versatile and brings a very desirable cool touch to any look. Have fun with your curls!


Sometimes, when we look for a comfortable and straightforward hairstyle to spend the day, a semi-pick is the best option. We propose you to make a free bun by picking only the top of the mane. The idea is that it is not too refined to give a more casual look. Fix it with a catcher and, if you need, a pair of bun hairpins. The texture of your curly hair will do the rest, and you will get a perfect hairstyle for the day today. You will get hooked!

The bangs are also for curly hair

Although you have always thought that the hits only feel good with an extra-long mane, the truth is that in recent seasons it has become fashionable in the curly hair. The models most persecuted by street style photographers have led this trend so attractive. The idea is that you leave bangs at eyebrow height. Your curls will be responsible for giving movement and volume to the hair. The best? You will only need your fingers to comb the hair. Once you have left the shower, remove excess moisture with a microfiber towel. Then, shake the mane with the help of your fingers from the root to ensure that the curls are not caked. It’s that simple to look like a top!

Braids never fail

An easy way to comb your hair every day is to opt for braids. This hairstyle is not only easy to reproduce, but it also looks great on short curly hair.

You can choose between several options:

  • Separate small strands randomly distributed over the head and clamp them. The idea is to mix different thicknesses and achieve a hippie-inspired result. If your hair is very curly, you can leave the braids loose and not fix them with rubber bands. You will see a more relaxed and perfect look for this season.
  • With the stripe on one side, separate a strand of the part closest to the ear and separate them in turn into three ends. Start braiding and as you go through the strands, go adding hair from the rest of the hair. Thus, you will get a French braid that will be stuck to the head. Once you have finished the braid and fixed with a rubber band, untick the twist with small pinches to get extra volume. You will see how good it feels!

When combing curly hair, it must look healthy and hydrated so that the curls are defined. To take care of it and facilitate your hairstyle, we recommend the Nutri Curls Air-Dried Uncured Cream. Its formula helps control frizz while maintaining elastic and defined curls without using a dryer. It will hook you!

If you have short curly hair, surely these tips have inspired you. What is your favorite hairstyle for such hair? Tell us on our social networks!

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