There are thousands! From natural tones to fantasy colors, not forgetting all types of wicks and effects … In this post, we show you seven hair colors that you will love, and that will be in social networks during the next months.

Give your mane a new air with a platinum blonde

Without a doubt, a significant trend this year. It is a very light blond or polar platinum that can even tend to gray tones. It is a very striking tone, but it is not advised for women with short and weakened hair since it requires a lot of maintenance and hydration. The perfect and easiest way to achieve this effect is with the 110 Super Natural Brightening Blonde dye from the Olia de Garnier range.

Fantasy dyes are top

If yours is to dare more, you can opt for some of the many fantasy tones that exist. More and more women are daring to wear hair colors ranging from blue and green to red and orange, through gray tones.

You can also opt for the option of fantasy wicks if your thing is not to change the color of the hair completely. A whole world of possibilities opens before you!

In this case, the Olia Bold de Garnier range is ideal for achieving the desired effect and dazzle with a bold new look.

Join the ‘Pink Blonde’!

‘Metallic rose,’ ‘champagne pink’ or ‘pink blonde’ are some of the names that are given to this type of hue that has become a trend this year. There are already many celebrities who have joined this coloring trend.

It could be considered as part of the colors of fantasy, but it seems more natural because of its proximity to the platinum tones. What is very real is that great care is needed to maintain this striking color in the hair and a previous discoloration that makes it suitable only for the most daring and determined.

If pink is your thing, dare to try the color Olia Bold 7.22 Rosa Neon and be surprised with the results!

The blond of summer/autumn: Cream Soda

Without a doubt, this is one of the exclusive trends of this 2018. Celebrities and models have already worn it in all kinds of events, such as Gigi Hadid.

To achieve this color, it is based on three base colors: golden blond (we recommend the 7.3 Golden Blonde of Garnier Olia), beige (the best option is 101 Light Extra Light Blonde from Nutrisse) and light brown ( 5.0 Brown, Of course, Garnier Olia). This combination of light and dark tones give depth and volume to the hair with maximum naturalness.

Gray for the brave

Only suitable for people without fear! Gray colors in the hair are a bold trend, as it is a color more commonly associated with age. We have been able to appreciate it in artists associated with an inevitable rebellion and strong personalities like Pink, Kelly Osbourne, or Lady Gaga.

The gray color will give your hair more luminosity and shine. If you want to try this look, try the 8.13 Light Blonde Ash by Nutrisse to get it!

For the most classic: brown and coppery tones

They are more natural colors, ranging from mahogany and hazelnut chestnuts to coppery tones pulling redheads. The 5.5 Mahogany tone of Olia is perfect for you, as it will provide you with a lasting shine and color and, also, it does not have ammonia. Ideal for your hair!

As for the more reddish tones, it is recommended to take certain precautions before dyeing. Since, generally, the redhead combines with light-skinned women. You’ll love the 6.60 Intense Red tones from the Olia range!

Another option is the 5.25 light brown mahogany dye from the Nutrisse range since it’s color bath provides full gray hair coverage, in addition to leaving your hair nourished and with intense color.

The Bronde may be ideal for you

Within the brown tones, we find this famous slope that is produced by combining brown (brown) and blond (blonde) colors. A color that adapts perfectly to all skin types. Ideal for those blondes who are tired of a uniform tone and who want to give a little color and character to their style, or for chestnuts that want to add volume to their hair.

In this case, the Olia de Garnier Range is excellent for getting the Bronde tone. You can try the 5.9 Dark Bronze, the 6.9 Pure Bronze or the 7.9 Light Bronze.

Get ready for Root Beer!

It is an excellent way to give vitality and shine to the hair without sacrificing naturalness. Its base is brown and very light and subtle sunlight wicks (caramel, golden or copper color) are added for higher luminosity and volume.

To achieve this lighting effect, experts perform a pigmentation of copper tones (Olia 7.40 Intense Copper dye may be a good option) and then apply a chestnut-colored base ( 4.0 Chestnut ) on the roots and then take it to the tips and thus achieve greater naturalness.

In Garnier, we have the best tips to wear hair with healthy and radiant color, in addition to the best products to help you get it. If you were interested in this article, do not forget to discover other tricks in our blog and our Instagram profile!

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