Every season new trends in color emerge that push us to risk and give us a change of look. Probably other years you signed up to the color bronde, the mixture between brown and blond, and now comes a combination of a riskier tad.

This is the orange, the mixture between the blonde (‘blonde’) and the orange (‘orange’) and is a perfect hair color if you dare not jump into a red hair.

How to get orange hair color?

Join the orange hair trend is possible from your own home. To do this, you have to get the Olia Bold 7.40 Intense Copper dye. Once you read the instructions carefully and 48 hours have passed since the product allergy test, you can proceed to dye your hair.

Place a towel around your shoulders and, with dirty hair, start applying the product mixture in sections. Start at the root and then continue to the tips.

Let the product act the time marked by the instructions and, after washing your hair, you will discover your new fashionable hair color.

So that your hair is the closest thing to blorange, we recommend that you do it on a light blond. If you have darker hair, you can discolor it previously with Olia’s D +++ Bleach.

Who suits the blorange?

Although the important thing is that everyone chooses the look they like best, this hair tone usually sits better for people with light skin. And the contrast between the intensity of the hair and the clarity of the skin is the key to a look as modern as this.

This tone also serves to give depth to the hair and give a more energetic air to the hair.

What care does the hair require?

Like all dyed hair, it is vital to keep it hydrated so that it does not lose its shine and strength after having gone through the dyeing process. To do this, you can use your favorite mask and give yourself extra hydration with it. You have to apply the mask, wrap your hair with a towel, and let the cover take effect. For this, we recommend Hair Food Goji, designed for dyed hair that will help you keep it alive. Your new orange hair will be brighter than ever!

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