Many celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Drew Barrymore do not hesitate to wear them in the most critical events. It is clear that they are current wicks, and that they look splendid in the hair of all women!

California wicks make hair look more alive and have stunning highlights that do not go unnoticed. Its great advantage is that the roots do not become a problem and does not involve a very drastic change of look. Besides, they look good on both long and short hair!

If you have not tried them yet, dare with them, because they will look great on you. In this article, we will explain step by step how to make California wicks at home yourself and not fail in the attempt.

Go for those California wicks at home!

The first step is to choose a bleach. We know that there are countless brands in different beauty establishments, but we recommend Olia bleach, because it has no ammonia, and has 60% floral oils.

After choosing the bleach, get to work!

First, you must prepare to dye your hair, that is, put on gloves, a towel that covers your shoulders and clothes that you don’t mind being damaged. And very important, do the allergy test, to avoid allergic reactions.

How to achieve a perfect gradient?

  1. Get ready! Mix the components of the pack, following the instructions for use. Divide the hair into two partitions, one on each side.
  2. Apply the product on the ends: First, apply the mixture on the terms of the hair, and once they are all applied, leave on for about 10 minutes.
  3. Apply the product in the media: To achieve the degraded effect, once the tips have rested for 10 minutes, apply the rest of the product in the press (the upper part of the tips).
  4. Rest Time: Let it rest for another 10 minutes and wash it as usual.

If your hair is long and you want more gradient, then enter more areas and with less time in each application.

The best way to dye is to take small strands and apply a generous amount of the mixture with the help of the applicator. Thus, it will reach all the hairs, and the color will be better.

Once you have achieved the desired color, clarify your hair, and follow the instructions indicated on the pack. Remember that after bleaching the hair you have to nourish it.

As you can see, in this comfortable and economical way you will get a perfect California wick at home, which you can show off this spring. What are you waiting for to be completely beautiful and radiant with this look?

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