A few years ago, the trend of California wicks came into our lives and came to stay. Since then, this type of coloring has been one of the most top trends and followed by celebrities. The shorter hairs are not left out and can be added to wear these wicks so fashionable.

What are California wicks?

This type of discoloration became fashionable a few years ago and consists of imitating the lightening of the hair by its exposure to the sun. The idea is to clarify the ends of the hair that contrasts with a darker root.

With this, we managed to give light to the face without the need to dye all the hair or rinse it thoroughly.

At the beginning of this trend, it was more common to see it in the long mane, but it can also be worn in short fur. So whether you have shoulder-length hair or are planning to go through the scissors, Californian wicks are also for you!

That easy! California wicks step by step

To be able to make the California wicks in your short hair from home, you have to choose the right product. In brown hair, the idea is to do it with Bleach to reduce the sufficient tones and lighten the ends of the mane.

Olia D +++ Bleach is perfect for this, and its use is as simple as possible.

First of all, you should carefully read the brochure included in the kit to correctly follow the instructions and take into account the precautions and the steps of the process.

As a preparation, you should wear latex gloves, a t-shirt that you do not mind that it spoils and a towel around the shoulders. Then, take action.

  1. The first thing you should do is mix the different components that you will find in the package. If you follow the instructions for use, you will see how easy it is.
  2. To make it easier to apply the product, you must make a partition in the center, leaving the hair divided into two parts.
  3. Start by using the product on the tips. You can do it with a brush or with the help of the applicator. This is the part that will be clearer, so, depending on the length of your hair, decide how high you want the lighter part. Once applied, let the bleach work for 15 minutes.
  4. Once you have used the product on the tips and the exposure time has passed, you can go to the media. In this way, you will make the gradient between the root and the tips more natural. Apply the mixture right in the upper part of the tips and leave on for 15 more minutes.
  5. Wash your hair as you usually do to discover your new California wicks in your short hair.

If after having made the California wicks at home, they become yellow or orange, you should not worry. It is widespread for this to happen when you bleach your hair. To neutralize these tones, we recommend that you use the Olia Super Matting that allows you to balance the color thanks to its violet pigments.

Who likes California wicks in short hair?

Brunettes tend to get more out of this type of coloration. And, they are the ones that will benefit most from the illuminating effect that this type of wicks provides.

Being in short hair, these wicks look great in a wavy mane, to get a relaxed and fresh look. If you want to add a boho touch to your hair, you can make small braids randomly distributed with your hair. They will look great in summer!

If you still did not know how to get the California wicks in short hair, surely these tips will be useful. If you have any questions, ask us on our social networks!

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