The half mane has become the new fashion cut. Besides being much more comfortable and relaxed when the thermometers rise, it is very versatile. So, if you have decided to go through the scissors and say goodbye to your long hair to move to a medium hair, you are probably looking for inspiration to get ideas on how to comb it. Follow our advice, and you will be surprised.

Surfer wave

For this type of hairstyle, we usually imagine very long hair, but the truth is that it is also celebrated in medium hair. To get it, if you have a natural wave, let it air dry. You can use the Cream without Rinse Nutri Curls that allows you to control frizz and define the wave without leaving caked hair.

If, on the contrary, your hair is straight, you can resort to irons. Taking thin strands, turn the wrist so that the strand is rolled in the metal and slides down. The idea is that you do it every time in a way so that the result is the most natural. To protect the hair, we recommend applying the 10-in-1 Smooth & Bright Gloss Cream that protects from heat up to 230ÂșC. Thus your hair will not suffer and will remain soft and shiny.

Boxer braids

This type of hairstyle looked like it was going to be a fad, but they finally arrived to stay. Boxer braids have become one of the most natural hairstyles for high temperatures and give a fresh touch to any look. To get them, you must make the line in the center and separate each half. Take a small triangle from the front and divide it into three strands.

Start braiding it as you would normally, but passing the ends below instead of above. This allows the braid to be bulky. Go adding terms of the rest of the partition as you go forward in the twist and fix it with a rubber at the end. It may be that at first, you find it complicated, but with a little practice, you will be perfect. Test it!

Wet effect

A more daring hairstyle that looks great in the middle hair is to wear it glued with damp effect. With hair still damp after showering, apply a nut of Fructis Style Gel Wet Shine. With the help of a comb with thick spikes, comb it as you like. As much as the stripe to the side as everything backward, it will look great.

If you dare, this type of hairstyle looks great for a summer wedding. Super cool!

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