However, if you still do not know how to make a braid of herringbone and it does not seem that you have knots in your hair, do not worry, we will give you the keys and the steps to follow.

Once you know the technique, you only need a little practice so that the braids are perfect and you have your summer hairstyle ready in a few minutes. To learn and go taking some more skill, the idea is that you start doing it to someone else, so you will see where you make the mistakes or how it can be better. And now, let’s get to work!

How to make a tang braid step by step

  1. The first step will be to untangle the hair thoroughly. You can use the Hair Food Aloe Vera mask to facilitate the task. In addition to moisturizing the hair, you can use it without rinsing so you can apply it just before combing your hair. Then, you have to divide it into two equal parts (we are going to make a tang braid with all the nose, but this same technique will help you if you want to do it only in one area of ​​the head).
  2. The second step is vital, and it is the one you will have to repeat, so watch out! To make it easier, hold each partition of hair with one hand. Now, divide the right strand into two and pass the outside part over the other strand to join it to the left-hand partition. It is to form an X. Then do the same with the other side, that is, divide the strand of the left hand and incorporate the outer strand to the right, as before.
  3. You have to repeat this process with one side and another until you have all braided hair, and place a rubber at the end so that the braid does not fall apart. And ready! You will have your tang braid to wear it this summer.

To maintain the perfect hairstyle, then you will only have to apply hairspray, such as Fructis Style Lacquer Volume that, with its anti-humidity technology, will keep your hair complete for 24 hours, even if you are on the beach and the moisture intends to do your own in your hair.

As you can see, making a tang braid is much simpler than it might seem; Even if you do not want to wear it straight and prefer to make it tilted or from a ponytail, if you’re going to place it only on the sides of the head and wear the rest of the hair loose, or if you want to do it to combine it later with another type of hairstyle. The braids are very easy to make and, with a little practice, allow us to wear a combed and ideal mane in a few minutes.

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