Even if you have a perfect curly hair care routine, the results will not be the best if you are not careful when drying your hair. In the search for perfect curls, defined and without frizz, this step is of vital importance. But … how to dry curly hair?

Change your towel

After you have washed your hair, you should remove excess moisture with a cloth. Of course, forget to use the one you use to dry your body or your face. Curly cotton towels usually favor the appearance of frizz and sometimes break the hair. Therefore, it is recommended that you replace it with a microfiber towel or, failing that, use an old cotton T-shirt. It will absorb moisture while maintaining the shape of your curls. Try to tighten your hair carefully instead of rubbing. This will prevent frizz from appearing and weakening your hair. You will be surprised at the result!

If you use the dryer, with the diffuser

Sometimes the use of the dryer is almost mandatory. Hurry or cold force us to resort to this device to make sure it is 100% dry. If this is your case, remember always to use the diffuser. In addition to shaping the hair and highlighting the curls, it works as a barrier to heat. The hair will be a little further from the heat source and, therefore, will not be exposed to such high temperatures.

Use appropriate products

Even if you think otherwise, the curly hair is perfect if you dry the air. The curls will look more defined, and your hair will be healthier by not exposing it to driving factors such as the heat of the dryer. For an optimal result, you can try the Fructis Nutri Curls Cream without Rinse. Its formula helps control frizz and curls will have the movement you have always wanted. Applying this product is the simplest. , you should take a nut of product and spread it on dry or wet hair. Then let it air dry. The pistachio oil of its formula keeps the curls hydrated and elastic, so it was never so easy to have perfect curls!

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