Therefore, today, we teach you how to get perfect natural waves in the best way to protect your hair. You will see how easy!

Also, wave hairstyles are always a trend and never fail. So, you have to dare with them if you want to go to the last season! Do you want to know how to do them correctly? We give you all the tricks you were waiting for!

Achieve spectacular waves in your mane

First of all, if you want to show off a rush with waves, but you have dry, oily or hair loss problems, you need to perform a specific treatment for your hair type, as well as use the necessary products to pamper it: conditioners, masks, serum … First of all, you should address this problem before making waves, since you need a healthy, shiny, and robust mane to make them stand out remarkably.

If you already have healthy hair, perfect! This is the first step you have to follow to make natural waves. When you have washed your hair, with wet hair, you should apply a froth of curls to your hair, so that the waves are defined. Always with the head upside down and making several passes on each strand. For example, the Marked Curls foam is ideal for achieving healthy and lively curls.

Then, take all the hair and roll it with a towel, as if it were a kind of turban, leaving out the bangs if you had it. In this way, you will be giving your hair a wavy shape. Leave it for about 15-20 minutes to act genuinely.

Subsequently, you need hair gummies and some patience to take a lock of hair by twisting your hair. You have to do it with all your hair and leave the strands rolled and tied. You must let it act for a few hours or overnight.

Then, you can dry your hair with a diffuser to accentuate the waves, since this accessory with spikes does not overload the hair with too much pressure as in the case of drying it without it. Besides, it does not spoil your hair as much as the irons or tongs can. To get the most benefit from your diffuser, hold it at the ends of the nose and push the strands towards the roots as you dry it, yes, at a low or medium temperature much better to avoid frizz the hair.

Pamper your hair every day

Remember that, to maintain spectacular natural waves. You need to take care of your hair day by day.

Wash your hair with an ideal shampoo for you, depending on your hair: frizz, dry, curly hair, etc. Subsequently, use conditioner to untangle it and not spoil your hair. At least twice a week, you should use a mask to treat your hair, moisturize and soften it.

After a specific hairstyle, if you apply a bit of serum on your hair or your ends, this component will give you more shine and strength, achieving a healthy appearance.

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