Surely you’ve heard of Baby Light wicks, a type of color that began to sound loud at the end of last year. And this year they won’t stop talking! Its name comes from those soft and delicate highlights that young children have in their hair.

If you have natural hair, or dyed with uniform color, the baby light wicks, being excellent reflections that start from the root, will seek to achieve a soft and delicate effect providing three-dimensionality and giving prominence to your mane. The truth is that they feel great!

How to make baby light wicks step by step?

If you are thinking about trying the BabyLight style, here we leave you to step by step what you should do at home to make it easier for you! Of course, prepare a relaxed environment so you can take your time and get the best possible result. Have a brush, gloves, a brush, and a hair dye a couple of lighter shades than your current color.

  • Step 1. Use a brush to card the hair, with it, you grab a strand of hair and gently begin to comb the hair by combing it up. The hairs that come out will be the ones you should dye.
  • Step 2. Take a piece of aluminum foil and place it under the strand, then apply the dye and wrap it so that it gets warm and grabs color.
  • Step 3. Repeat the same action for the areas of your head that you want to dye.
  • Step 4. Let the product act for approximately 15 or 20 minutes. Remember to check how the dye is acting so that the effect is as natural as possible.
  • Step 5. Once you are ready, wash your hair by removing all the product. If you see that it is too blond, you can use a tint for a few minutes. But beware! That it is not more than 2 minutes so that the wicks do not darken much since with the BabyLight, you try to clarify a couple of tones your natural color in a progressive way and always respecting that “baby” effect
  • Step 6. Dry your hair, and voila! You already have your BabyLight wicks.

Tips to keep in mind for a BabyLight of 10!

The blond or light brown bases are the best result. In darker hair, it is tough to achieve this result, but not impossible. Clarify the color little by little.

The BabyLight wicks will have to be retouched in about 2 or 3 months since you have made them since otherwise the effect of naturalness and “baby shine” will disappear.

If you want to wear 10 BabyLight wicks, you have to know the Olia color, the first color without ammonia with color-enhancing oils that reinvents the dyeing experience. More specifically, Rubio Canela 7.13 can be the ideal option if you are looking for a new look!

Finally, you should moisturize your hair very often because the colorations can dry the ends. Therefore, we recommend Garnier moisturizing masks that will give you everything you need to make your hair always look healthy and very natural. For example, the 3 in 1 Hair Food Goji mask is perfect for dyed wools. In addition to nourishing hair dyed in-depth, it helps keep it bright and bright. What are you waiting to try them?

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