It is likely that, in addition to all the bikinis that you wish to wear, you will fill your suitcase with products to take care of your hair. Therefore, we are going to give you some tips that will help you have a bright and hydrated hair all summer.

Sometimes we think it is better to wait to go back on vacation to cut our hair; however, nothing is further from the truth. If you intend to make an excellent cut to change your look or want to lower your ends, you better do it before leaving. In this way, it will be easier for you to keep your hair in good condition since you will have previously sanitized it.

Why is hair damaged in summer?

The water, the sun, and the chlorine of the pool can make your summer not as perfect as you expected since your hair can be very damaged. All these external agents cause your hair to weaken, become brittle, and lose color.

UV rays also damage the hair

Even if you like being brown, the sun does dehydrate. The same goes for hair, which can even burn and become very brittle if you don’t take good care of it. Also, the rays make the hair stop being soft and shiny. Hence the importance of using individual products in summer for both skin and hair.

Your hair needs protection against UV rays. Therefore, you should always choose creams, sprays, and products in general that have sunscreens. If you apply them frequently to damp hair when you are at the beach or in the pool, your hair will thank you for looking prettier than ever.

Protect hair from chlorine

Chlorine deteriorates hair pigments and eliminates the protection of natural oils themselves, so if you go to the pool, you may see that your hair has a different color. The myth of blondes with green hair is not so unreal, but this fact is not due to chlorine but to the rest of the substances that are added to the water to keep it clean like copper, iron, and minerals.

The water also has calcium, an essential element for the bones but not so much for the hair, since it stays in the cuticle and damages it little by little, making it dry and brittle.

Therefore, do not forget to wash your hair in the shower when leaving the pool.

How does the sea affect hair?

If you add to the sun and chlorine the water of the sea, your hair will scream help immediately! And it is that the salt and sand of the beach dry the hair even more, especially if you expose it to the sun because it produces a very damaging magnifying glass effect. Therefore, it is best to rinse your hair thoroughly after taking a bath in the sea.

Also, if you want to keep your hair perfect during the summer, what you can not miss in your suitcase are the masks. They will become your ideal ally. Of course, you must choose the one that best suits the characteristics of your hair.

A handy trick is to apply the nourishing mask before leaving home and getting a bun. The heat of the sun will make it penetrate better and protect the hair. Hair Fructis Food is perfect for it! You can apply them as a treatment without rinsing, and they will deeply nourish your hair.

Extra protection for dyed hair in summer

If you wear wicks or dyed hair, there are also specific masks to take care of the color and keep it longer. Besides, they nourish with much more intensity and soften the hair fiber, since dyed hair needs extra care so that it is always hydrated. The mask Super Olia Matting can help you hold off the color of your hair or dyed rovings. If your hair tends to turn yellowish or orange, use it to shade your hair.

You can also choose products that contain shea and avocado. They are two ingredients that strengthen the hair, give it shine and nourish it intensely, so a mask of this type can be perfect for recovering dry and damaged hair in summer, whether dyed or not. The ideal option is the Fructis Nutri Repair 3 Mask with the benefits of 3 oils: olive, avocado, and shea with 3-glyceride to restore nutrition and softness to the hair.

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