Hair can get tangled for many reasons. The wind, a lousy washing technique, or merely the rubbing of the mane against the pillow at night are just some of them. For healthy hair to look beautiful, it is essential to untangle it properly. Even if you think that getting a goodbye from tangles is impossible without pain or weakening your hair, the truth is that it is simpler than you think. You have to know how to do it.

Detangle before washing

When the hair is wet, it is much more fragile, so it should be treated with extra care. If you untangle your hair before washing it, you will avoid getting too tangled in the shower and protect it from breakage and falling. To untangle it, it is better to opt for a brush with open spikes to make the brushing softer.

Check your bedding

Cotton sheets are more likely to tangle hair. If your hair gets tangled up a lot, maybe you should consider changing them to a satin one. Being of a softer texture, the hair slips instead of getting tangled so it will be easier to wake up without entanglements.

Sleep with collected hair

Sleeping with loose hair is the cause of a mane full of knots. To avoid it, it is advisable to sleep with the hair collected. The best? A loose braid will be comfortable and will free you from a tangled mane.

Don’t comb from the root

When brushing hair, it is essential not to do it from the heart. That way, all you can get is to tighten the knots that exist in the nose. Instead, start brushing the tips and, once they are unraveled, begin cleaning the media. Finally, clean from the root. In addition to helping you untangle your hair correctly, you will forget the pulls with which you had nightmares when you were little.

Use a suitable product

After washing your hair, you can help untangle it by applying the product with your hands. The Mask – Milk of Original Cocoa Remedies is perfect for this. Its novel milk texture is designed to detangle hair and prevent frizz easily. Also, it nourishes your hair from the inside and does not leave it caked. You can apply it from the root to the tips. If you need extra hydration, you can use the Mask – Milk of Original Remedies of Almond Milk. If your hair is fragile, the Original Honey Remedies Mask – Milk is perfect for you.

Now that you know how to untangle your hair without damaging it, surely your day to day will be more comfortable.

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