If you did not dare to wear them because your hair is brown, take off that fear! We tell you how to do it.

The wicks balayage consists of a subtle gradient hair to a lighter shade. That is, your root remains your natural color, but as you get to the ends, your hair looks increasingly bright. These wicks bring a lot of light and dimension to the hair, since, unlike the Californians, the gradient appears more natural and not as a uniform and well-differentiated cut.

Once you know the technique, it is straightforward to do at home and thanks to products such as Olia Bleach without Garnier Ammonia, getting this impressive look without damaging your hair is natural.

Do balayage have to be very blonde?

If the balayage wicks have been in your sights but, since you have brown or brown hair, you have not dared, we help you overcome your fear! These wicks seek to lighten the hair gradually and do not seek a sudden change, so you can decide to stay with a light brown, a honey tone, a blonde, or even a more coppery tone without giving up the game with the illuminated areas in your hair.

The degree of contrast will depend on you and the time you leave the dye or bleach, as well as the hue you want to apply.

If you want a touch of light, choose only to reduce your natural color in two shades, bringing luminosity to the mane without suffering a radical change of tone. If you want a more significant contrast, choose a blond shade for your wicks, but if your subtone is golden, bet on blond honey. And those with a cold subtone, they can afford an ice cream blond that even tends to platinum!

On the other hand, if you want to bet on the wicks and color of the season, choose some balayage wicks in bronze, a mixture between red and bronze that will combine perfectly with warm undertones.

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