If you close your eyes and imagine how perfect curls would be, unquestionably we all believe the same thing: defined, nourished, elastic, and moving coils. Although having them like that seems as implausible as finding a unicorn, if you follow the appropriate steps and if you apply any of the tricks that we are going to discover, you will see that it is not so difficult.

If you want defined curls, untangle them

Caking is the worst enemy of the coils, so it is essential to untangle the mane well so that the curls remain defined. The best time is to do it in the shower, with the hair still wet to prevent hair breakage. Wash with the Nutri Curls Shampoo to begin your journey towards the perfect curls. Then, apply the mask and separate the curls with your fingers while it takes effect.

Nourish your curls

Hydration is vital in the health of curly hair. If you don’t want to see your hair curled or turned off, give it a hydration boost. You can do it with the Cream without Rinse Nutri Curls that, in addition to not needing rinsing, is perfect for keeping the curly and wavy hair nourished. Its formula with pistachio oil allows you to say goodbye for 96 hours of frizz so there will be no rainy day to resist you.

Elastic curls? Condition them!

If you are looking for perfect curls, you should follow the ideal curly hair care routine. Therefore, you should not forget to apply the Nutri Curls Conditioner after washing your hair. Its formula with fruit pectin helps define the curls and keep them with the movement you always wanted.

Dry carefully

As we have already said, hydration is the best friend of perfect curls. Therefore, you should keep it away from sources of extreme heat such as irons or dryers that can dehydrate it and leave it lifeless. To dry your hair, you must remove excess water with the help of your hands in the shower. Then, wrap a microfiber towel – they are more delicate with the mane and run less risk of breaking the hair – around the nose. The hair will be just as dry, and the curls will remain more defined.

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