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They worship their seven founding ancestors under the name Hethappa or Hetha. was the first Badaga woman post graduate in social work, and went on to be the first woman gazetted officer to serve in the Tamil Nadu State Government Department of Health and Family Welfare. crossing eighteen forests for the sake of his emissary to visit Nilgiris and after Kala Raja's death. Later British merged Nilgiris with Madras province Badagas belong to This community is well known for its complex symbiosis with the Toda, Kota, and Kurumba tribes of the Nilgiris. Perumal Dandanayaka, the that he found a group of Tribal people called Badagas and Todas. Badagas belong to paleolithic period. important fort in Nilgiris. Badagas call festivals as "HABBA." Udhagamandalam: Kaggula,a village of about 150 houses near Kotagiri is in a celebratory mood. There are all now containment zones. Later commissioner became the Why not! An inscription cattle keeping of the Nilgirians and the lifestyle of Badagaru("Buchanan The Badagas has a habit of using tattoo marks in their various parts of the body like forehead, hands etc.. tracts were unknown to them till 1818, however tax were collected from At least a dozen villages - such as Kerbetta, Thambatty, Thangadu-Oranalli, Melkouhatty, Manihatty, Kechikatty and Thummanatty – in the district have reported Covid-19 cases. [1] Even today they place great reverence in Sri Mariamman: in April they celebrate a car festival at the Sri Mariamman temple in Ooty when they pull the car with the image of Sri Mariamman to their music and dance. The Badaga village (hatti) Hawkeri or Halakeru is situated on the road from Coonoor to Aravenu [Kotagiri] . When death occurs in a family, respective villagers take responsibility of death ceremony, while the family doesn't have any burden. The tax was We can't find any crow in Beragany Hethe Temple, during festival times even though sumptuous food being served through the day. 3) Self-identification, as well as recognition by other groups, or by State authorities, as a distinct community. Temple belongs to Adikaratty (Badaga Village) people, they used to do puja in that temple. In the case of cremation, the bones are collected on the second day after cremation and preserved in a new mud pot or a cloth and kept in a specified place in the burial ground. 218–228; Madras Journ. under  Sulthan rules after the fall of They also worship several Hindu deities, inclu... Mr.Sugumaran M.A., Mphil. The mud pot is filled with water and the girl is made to dip her hand in that water thrice. In 1812, Williams Key "Mortuary ritual of the Badagas of Southern India". Manihatty consists of two hamlets: Kunna Hatty (Meaning "Small village" in native Badaga language) and Dodda Hatty ("Big village"). A child receives its name on the seventh, ninth, or eleventh day. Lord Hethe worship is in practice since around 1200 years ago i.e., 826 A.D. Their principle object of adoration is named as "Hette-du"("James Hough, 1826:97", ", "Dr.J Halan, 2012:141"). near Kotagiri. ii., no. The village is located adjacent to the Coonoor-Ooty highway in the Ketti valley. Nilgiris was originally a tribal land. In 1814 William Keys came They had produced fire by friction in rubbing two stones or two sticks. He sought the aid of two Bayaluru, who agreed to help him if they married his two daughters. HISTORY OF BADAGA: Badaga is one of the unique communities which has its own rich set of traditions and customs. The second brother, Hethappa, was working outside when two Todas raped his wife and took his goods. Marriage, as a rule, is held at Bridegroom’s residence. During Kadamba(2AD - 6AD) Throughout the district the Badugas live in nearly 400 villages, called Hattis. after defeat of Tipu Sultan. A daughter of the village has done it proud and in the process brought laurels to the Nilgiris,the likes of which this district in general and the Badaga community,in particular, … The fire making process is known as "Niligolu" or upright stick. unique feature of Neolithic culture followed by Badagas and still exists The Badagas were on the tribes list during the British Raj, as per the 1931 census. Sullivan came to Nilgirs from Coimbatore with help of a Badaga elder named every year, and the festival is celebrated all over the district. The hamlets - villages are called as HATTI. When we ask for directions at the Manjur bus stand, a local thalaivar comes to our aid and soon two Badaga men acompany us on the hour-and a … (Express Photo by Nithya Pandian) “The number of locations vulnerable to landslides in the Nilgiris has increased from 101 in 2009 to over 300 in … Majority of the indigenous peoples live in mountains. Later, prayers are done and the relatives who attend the function are served with food. obscure notice,  he simply grouped them After his arrival The Nilgiris was declared as summer capital of In the inscriptions its mentioned Later in 13th century, the The language is closely related to Kannada. Ketaya Dandanayaka ruled in1321 and by Singaya Dandanayaka in 1338. On the occurrence of a death, the village boys are sent to all the villages, even to the far corners of the hills if the deceased had relations to pass on the message. – JP. 2014:10"). Kistavens, Burrows could be found in many Badaga villages, which is considered The Badagas observe both the burial and cremation methods. Precious Stone Trade was carried on between Indus Valley civilization and the Nilgiris. Badagas have no kolas. After they fled from a Muslim ruler who tried to rape their sister, they settled in different parts of the Nilgiris. ("Gopala Krishnan, In his second invasion in around 1142, the King Kalaraja was killed by Vishnuvardana and took control over nilgiris. The name is believed to be derived from asinikol meaning bamboo sticks in Badaga language which formed the place before the village came into existence. Pethuva, Jakkatha, Thuneri etc.. They speak a language called the ‘Badugu’, which is said to be closely related to Kannada. Dynasty(200 AD to around 930AD), a Ganga general came to Nilgiris in 908 AD saw After Independence the He did not stay in Nilgiris. The history of Nilgiris Later, during Ganga French Linguist Called. tribal people before Britishers and other community people arrived to Nilgiris. From the censuses conducted from the 1800s to the 2000s, it has been observed that the cultural heterogeneity of the Nilgiris is increasing, accompanied by a stability in Badaga population. i, pp. They have certain rules and regulations to be followed in implementing their cultural rituals from the birth of a child and follows through functions like Puberty, Marriage, Naming ceremony, Seventh Month Pregnancy, Housewarming, Festivals and finally Death ceremony. Badagas have no kolas. The puberty Ceremony is also unique. John Sullivan visited Nilgiris in 1819 with help from Badagas. Padinalkunadu in the south of Mysore. There were no cows in Nilgiris until Britishers arrived to Nilgiris, cows were brought by them. During 15th and 16th  centuries Ummattur chiefs ruled Nilgiris and Thus decorated, the infant is taken up by the oldest man of the village who is not a widower, who gives baby a name, which has already been chosen. Even now, we can see the statue in that temple. Nilgiris. the factual error (Dr.J Halan, 2012:2).

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