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Akaso Brave 4 Ultra HD Underwater Camcorder; 2. An underwater camera is a must for any diver wanting to capture memories of their time below the surface. DJI OSMO Action Camera Updated in December 2021! Useful in various environments like hiking, swimming, drifting, etc. Insta360 prides itself on innovative and creative tools that have helped create a new niche inside the action camera market. Without the included housing, you can take your SeaLife down to 60ft/18m but with the housing, it’s depth rated to 200ft/60m. These cameras are used at all depths, even in low light conditions. This camera makes you able to record or take photos of their encounters with turtles and sharks. The Lumix LX10 4K camera features a micro HDMI slot and USB 2.0 micro-B ports.The perfect fit for divers who want to capture beautiful moments quickly and easily with a high-definition camera. Ironically, although this camera isn’t going to give you the highest quality video of the other cameras on this list, it is however the only one here that is made for SCUBA diving. Techcrunch even named it the best compact camera money can buy. How Much Does an Underwater Camera Cost? The still camera captures the moment. Additionally, outside of its housing, it makes a great on-land camera. The GoPro is waterproof down to 33 feet, so you can use it as is for snorkeling, and it has waterproof housing available to take it deeper for scuba diving. GoPro is the OG action camera manufacturer and the HERO7 lives up to its reputation. Unlike its earlier model, the LX100 II offers features to prevent any hand-shaking disruptions and ensure still videos and focused snaps. Some of the best content I have ever seen, both video and photo, has been produced by a Canon 5d Mark 3 or mark 4, and it is seriously impressive. If you’re just shopping for a scuba camera and you’re an occasion diver, consider an option that doesn’t require an expensive housing. 2020 saw Scuba Diving Magazine’s Underwater Photo contest celebrate is 16th year with a record number of submissions from around the globe with judges required to select winning images from thousands of entries. It was really a close race when I compared the RX100 and the G7X underwater, and although I lean towards the Canon, the verdict is really split evenly between divers. Best Underwater Cameras for Scuba Diving. We're a free review guide - run by passionate Divers, Sports and Outdoor fanatics. Best GoPro for Scuba Diving: What to Consider in 2020? GoPro HERO6; … Hi….this is a great resource. AKASO Brave 4 4K 20MP WiFi Action Camera Ultra HD with EIS 30m Underwater Waterproof Camera Remote Control 5X Zoom Underwater Camcorder with 2 Batteries and Helmet Accessories Kit … Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 / Aquatica AGH4. A waterproof camera can work well while diving or while surfing on the beach. The Scuba Diving Superstore range of underwater diving Cameras & Lighting has something to suit everyone, we have a selection of underwater cameras and lighting equipment for a For Sales, Advice Or Servicing Call Us: 0114 248 8688 It comes with multiple mounting kits, and as a result, allows off-hand shooting when diving. Each comes with its own unique selling points, which we’ve detailed below. For snorkeling, we like the following cameras: Click the links above for full details on each of these cameras. Much like the GoPro HERO7, the Lumix also delivers outstanding picture quality of photos, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the outside world when browsing through your pictures. It’s the body only, then you will need to put together your perfect setup. The Paralenz underwater camera boasts one of the finest 4K HD lenses out there and the subaqua photos it produces are sure to impress, Compared to other underwater cameras, this one is like a rock. Sony RX100 V. Sony’s RX100 camera series has proved incredibly ­popular with underwater photographers, and the RX100 V is no ­exception. One of the major improvements, and added features, of this new model, is the addition of a viewfinder. Likewise, video quality is exceptional. *Prices above don’t include lenses, housing or dome ports. All products featured on Condé Nast Traveler are independently selected by our editors. While learning to shoot underwater videos and photos, we have gone through a lot of different cameras, and in this guide, will list all of the best gear for every budget and experience level. Home; Gear. The best underwater diving cameras allow you to take photos of areas where other cameras cannot reach. ScubaLab Reviews 9 of the Best Underwater Action Cameras | Scuba Diving After doing another round of research on the best scuba diving camera for beginners, I decided to get a Canon Power Shot G7X Mark II with a Fantasea Underwater Casing. There are action cameras available that are waterproof enough for shallow dives without needing clunky casing. Plus, the macro mode is among the best available in a compact, meaning there’s little need to purchase a separate lens. If so you’ve probably noticed a lot of tempting options on the market. There comes a point in every serious underwater photographer’s life when they need to make the switch from a compact to a full DSLR. the best underwater action cameras for 2020, 5 Best Environmentally Friendly Sunscreens, The Best SCUBA Diving Camera for Beginners 2020. Additionally, it’s depth rated to 10ft/3m so if you’re staying on the surface, you can get snap happy safe in the knowledge your camera won’t flood. If you are fond of Scuba diving then you will love exploring marine life. Where would I be able to sell Nikonis underwater camera and strobe? The advantages of using a POV (point of view) camera are numerous and whether shooting at cinema-quality 4K resolution for a professional project, or at 720p as a means to record your dive, they have now become a staple ingredient of the diver's kitbag. HotDive is a new waterproof phone case that transforms your smartphone into an underwater camera that can be taken scuba or use while splashing around in the waves. And if you need to know a little more about underwater cameras, we go over some of the key points you’ll need to consider when making a purchase. Some customers complain about the durability of the GoPro camera during cold weather, avoid freezing conditions, such as dropping it in the snow! GoPro Hero 5. Review: The hands down best budget underwater camera is the Apeman Trawo A100. While serious underwater photographers will tell you that the HERO7’s underwater capabilities aren’t the greatest, particularly when it comes to adding red, it’s a solid choice for recreational divers who want a hardy camera that gets the job done. In the end they are so similar, that the real factor is that the Sony is hundreds of dollar more expensive. Whether looking for the best all-around GoPro scuba diving, or one that will work for snorkeling, Backscatter is able to accomplish it all. The underwater camera is the ultimate option to capture all the beauty that you see while scuba diving. If you’re looking for a tough-as-nails underwater camera that doesn’t need a housing, then you can’t go wrong with the Nikon COOLPIX. with touch screen 4K ultra HD video, 12MP photos 1080p, and live streaming stabilization. The perfect fit for divers who want to capture beautiful moments quickly and easily with a high-definition camera. If you’re going deeper than that, you’ll need to add a housing. I’ve been seeing more and more amazing footage coming out, from the TG-6, specifically the macro shots. We also like that it comes in a variety of funky colors and include is durable enough to cope with a little sand in between swims or snorkels. Best underwater dSLR cameras of 2020 for underwater photography & video and professionals, including the Nikon D850, Nikon D500, and Canon 5D Mark IV - with dslr underwater housing recommendations. Using an underwater camera to shoot videos of your scuba diving adventures; thereby immortalising them forever, is an extremely rewarding experience. For this review, we’re going to focus on the Twin Edition, which features the 4K wide-angle shooter and 360-degree cam options. ⛵ What is the Best Underwater Camera for Snorkeling? Hello, With a tough magnesium-alloy body the Lumix DMC-GH4 provides a16.05 megapixel sensor plus professional-level 4K video capability, including focus peaking, zebra settings and luminance control. If you are looking for this type camera for your next scuba diving adventure, we are here to help you out. Waterproof to 40m / 133 feet, it shoots high quality video in Hyper 4K at 30 fps. ... Best Scuba Diving Computers: A Diver’s Best Buddy. Required fields are marked *, → The Best Scuba Diving BCDs For Every Budget 2020 Reviewed by our Scuba Instructors. These cameras are used at all depths, even in low light conditions. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you could save extra on Dragon Touch 4K Action Camera 16MP Vision 3 Underwater Waterproof Camera 170° Wide Angle WiFi Sports Cam with Remote 2 Batteries and Mounting Accessories Kit , which accompanies all the essential highlights one could expect in good underwater camera for scuba diving. We really like the macro shooting mode, perfect for nudis and shrimp. Tiny buttons make the design a little tricky for big hands, Not suitable for scuba diving but great for snorkelers. Underwater, Canon’s new DIGIX 7 processor performs well and offers up faster autofocus and better RAW capture. Types of Diving Cameras. Four great cameras, plus the lights and accessories that help to capture the best underwater images. We love the external microphone jack, which is ideal for making movies on land. If you want to get into underwater photography, or just want to upgrade to the latest and greatest, this guide is all you need! This dual-screen beauty is going to just get more and more popular, and might be our best option! Fun, fast, and incredibly durable, this camera is the perfect choice for adventurers who climb mountains in the morning then dive in the afternoon. Top rated cameras for our 2021 review include the GoPro HERO9, Olympus TG-6, Panasonic LX10, Panasonic LX100 II, Canon G7 X II, Sony RX100 VII and more! If you’re looking for a rugged, easy to use and intuitive camera, you can’t go wrong with the GoPro HERO7. This is because we have composed reviews of the top 10 best underwater cameras for scuba diving in … The settings in this tutorial video, and in the article below, are grouped by camera sensor size, since this plays such a large role in the settings we select. According to our research, we felt that the number one choice for a user looking to buy a waterproof cameras for scuba diving has to be AKASO EK7000 4K WiFi Sports Action Camera Ultra HD Waterproof DV Camcorder 12MP 170 Degree Wide Angle . Your email address will not be published. My question is: Does the Olympus Tough TG-6 Waterproof Camera need to be in a housing or can it be used underwater as is? The Olympus Tough’s zoom can extend up to eight times, so small details in the distance are easy to capture. That combination enables you to get great vide… A unique selling point here is its rugged, read-to-go design, straight out of the box you can begin snapping photos. It features a 20-megapixel camera with three-times zoom capabilities, enough to create outstanding photos with minimal effort. This puppy shoots an impressive 4k video at 60fps or 1080 at 120fps, as well as 3 … Like Canon and Panasonic, Olympus is also one of the best-known names in the underwater and out of water photography world. Philippines’ First Marine Sanctuary | Apo Island, All you need to know about Pygmy Seahorses. The Panasonic Lumix LX100 is the next-generation version of the Panasonic LX10 we reviewed previously. The Canon G7x Bundle as a whole comes with oodles of accessories like an extra battery pack, memory card wallet, lens pen, HDMI cable, screen protectors, microfiber cloth, cleaning solution, and cotton swabs. If you’re looking for an exceptionally durable and reliable waterproof camera, the Olympus Tough is a good choice. Home; Gear. The cameras allow you to capture scenes where an ordinary camera will not help. It is quite easy to get under the waves and then not be able to take the shots you want because the device you’re using is too heavy or unruly. The Fujifilm FinePix XP 80 is a point- and-shoot camera that comes with a 2.7-inch LCD16 GB SDHC card and built in Wi-Fi connectivity. This Canon PowerShot features an exceptional 5X zoom, 1080p HD video, and a 12.1 megapixel, highly sensitive CMOS sensor. The cameras allow you to capture scenes where an ordinary camera will not help. It’s tough, small, and features a simple three-button design to make photography easy both on land and underwater. Aqua Lung. You can use the Tough camera during any outdoor endeavor, Recall your adventurous moments by browsing through the high-resolution photos without lag, Zoom up to eight times to capture distant details and objects in sharp detail, Not the cheapest underwater camera on the market, price-wise, it’s comparable to a GoPro, The wifi transfer function can be slow at times, As far as point-and-shoot cameras go, the Lumix LX10 delivers on image quality, Very fast shutter and lens speed, which is useful underwater, No option to manually adjust the aperture, Oodles of extra features make this camera stand out from the pack, Designed with a couple of sensors that hugely impact photo quality, The Panasonic Lumix LX100 offers impressive anti-shake capabilities, It’s a costly camera, and you will need to purchase a housing, but if you have the budget, you won’t be disappointed, The video function is excellent for underwater shoots, Stabilization features make this camera an underwater photographer’s best friend, All the quality of a DSLR camera in a point and shoot design, There isn’t a lot to dislike here, but as one of the most expensive cameras on our list, you won’t be impressed if your housing leaks…, Expandable memory card slot, so you can increase the memory with a 64GB SanDisk memory card, You can use the G7X Mark II in harsh conditions without worrying about it being worn down by the elements, The bundle comes with all the accessories you need, Point-and-shoot capabilities that surpass many other compacts, It comes with a European charging cable that is not suitable for USA sockets, The camera does not come with a headphone jack to be used with an external microphone, Not compatible with Canon’s G7X housings as the Mark II is slightly larger, so if you’re upgrading from the earlier model, you’ll need to purchase a new housing, Tough as nails and built from high-quality materials, Can endure any outdoor weather conditions, Good quality pictures at a reasonable price point, Extremely tough camera, won’t break if you drop it, Fast autofocus and continuous shoot capability, Picture quality in low-light underwater conditions leaves a little to be desired, consider an external flash, Built from high-quality materials to last, One of a kind when it comes to capturing still HD photos or videos while you’re in motion, The image stabilization is one of a kind both on land and underwater, The battery life could be better, that said, just make sure you fully charge your camera before you jump in, 2.7 inch and 1.8-inch screens at the front and rear, The camera is easy to operate and comes with multiple features that are navigated without hassle. 2020 saw Scuba Diving Magazine’s Underwater Photo contest celebrate is 16th year with a record number of submissions from around the globe with judges required to select winning images from thousands of entries. GoPro Hero 8 is currently considered the best underwater camera for snorkeling, since it’s really functional, practical and handy. Our 2019 scuba diving Gear Buyers Guide will help you find the best underwater camera to fit your skill level. Need everything in one go? The best and most popular example of this is perhaps the line of cameras from GoPro. Use it whenever you want — diving, swimming, climbing, trekking, kayaking, and a bunch of other outdoor activities. In general, you can expect to spend between US$50 to $150 dollars. A 20.1-megapixel lens combined with smart point-and-shoot features means taking a quality picture is a breeze. Mozaik Underwater Cameras is an underwater photo and video equipment store based in Canada and the USA. But I’m struggling to find which camera to buy as I dont want to spend an overly high price but want a camera that would be good to use for my underwater photography course. A super durable construction means you’ll have it for years, Mask mount functionality leaves a little to be desired until you get the hang of it, Falls somewhere between an action camera and a point and shoots, It can’t go deeper than 50ft/15m so advanced divers may want to look elsewhere, Exceptional image quality for a point and shoot, Exceedingly lightweight considering the features, Housing options are slightly more limited than with other Canon models. For each category we will list the top few cameras, and then if you want a more comprehensive guide with the full list, just click on the links provided after each category! Excellent image quality for a point and shoot. Size. As with any piece of scuba diving or snorkeling equipment, the best underwater camera is the one that meets your needs. ☝ What’s the Best Cheap Underwater Camera? Here are the compact underwater cameras in ScubaLab’s 2018 review: 2018 Underwater Camera Review. Without question, the Olympus Tough TG-6 is the best scuba diving camera for beginners thanks to its great image quality, simple user interface and excellent features. We like that it has 4K HD and that it’s dust, water, freeze, and shock-resistant, so you can carry it with you wherever you go without hassle. Yes. Olympus’ OM-D E-M5 Mark II is one of those underwater cameras mostly used for scuba diving and underwater photography as it has the best features that people need for more solid shots. Searching for the best waterproof camera on the market right now? In this article, you can find some of the best underwater camera for scuba diving with their features and what makes them stand out. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. I was blown away. We look at best overall underwater camera, best for video, best for macro, snorkeling, and scuba diving. Olympus TG-5 Waterproof Camera – Best Cheap Underwater Cameras. The upgrade features include a display screen, and software that tracks your your dive profile along with the current depth and temperature information, and records it to your Paralenz smartphone app, similar to a dive computer. We like that the wifi and USB photo transfer is fast and effortless. Currently, these are some of our firm favorites: Olympus Tough TG-6 Waterproof Camera; Panasonic Lumix LX10 4K Digital Camera; Paralenz Dive Camera; GoPro HERO7 Black Digital Action Camera; Panasonic Lumix LX100 II Unlike other models, this device has four underwater shooting modes (external light, external flash, dive, snorkel) and 25 different land scene modes. If you're new to diving and snorkeling, you'll need some guidance choosing the best lens for underwater photography. Another favorite among regular photographers, the 7d is also an awesome rig underwater. They also offer improving image quality. A powerful 5X optical zoom allows you to capture any distant objects clearly.

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