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It is problematic because they have so much of that privilege already and are using that narrative to establish more cultural capital within their demographic group (which is already buoyed by privilege). ÜBERGEEK: Übergeeks are Gods among Men. I certainly associate talking about Friendzones with the kind of people who complain that nerds are an oppressed minority just like [your pick of actual oppressed minorities]. Eventually, this became something of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Same thing. They have between zero and one topics in which they can naturally converse, their social field is limited to those who share their lone topic, and they rarely make any effort to learn or understand other people. Honestly, Ad Hominem, from where I'm standing--that being a still reasonably obscure piece of geek terrain--the criticism I'm used to seeing from *within* a community that self-identifies as geeky (or "fannish", as is more often the case) is directed toward the behavior talked about in the second article. Everyone wants to be persecuted minroity without being persecuted or a minority. dweeb, all of the above. Marvel, DC, Capcom, Interplay, Star Trek, Star Wars, these were all franchises where geeks and nerds obsessed over published fan fiction and game strategies and storylines. May 22, 2012 - geek-hierarchy-tee - more proof that I may actually be a geek. May 28, 2018 - Explore Caitlyn Charlier's board "Dork quotes" on Pinterest. And in more stratified groups, it's what I've taken to calling nerd/geek dick-waving. yea, 90s sitcoms gotta sitcom and have their caricatures. There are different levels of "Geekdom" at this point: Spaz, Dweeb, Dork, Nerd, and Geek. I had adopted the mantle of the outcast because it kept me in a place where I didn't have expectations of anyone else and no one else had any expectations of me. If they where the right sort of person they wouldn't have to try so hard, they would allready have it.). Examples: These examples are the easiest, because they often become famous. Placing folks at their rightful place on the scale is a matter of art more than science, and requires a detailed knowledge of the person’s personality, their strengths and their weaknesses. And I don't want to tie my identity up in what I consume, or pretend that liking Adventure Time or videogames makes me some kind of persecuted minority or higher life form; the Anita Sarkeesian controversy and the uncritical love of empty entertainment prove that we're not. Because I've experienced a lot of good, too. There's a bit of overlap, but I think it comes out of the same instincts. Of course the terms Nerd, Geek, and Dork will always have some overlap, but your test results show an innately intelligent individual with the drive and know-how to put you behind the classic horn-rimmed glasses and pocket protector of a well-educated, deeply intellectual N-E-R-D! The common thought is that nerds, geeks, and dorks are one and the same. So, "dork" applies to them really well I think. May 22, 2012 - geek-hierarchy-tee - more proof that I may actually be a geek. Geek, Nerd, Dweeb and Dork in order of value to the organization. These days it’s cool to be geeky, whether you’re a film geek, tech geek or book geek. Another important concept is that ABILITY to be social may not be matched by DESIRE. You're probably one of the above. Isn't the traditional criteria generally a great deal of interest in science fiction and/or fantasy, computers, video games, and displaying social awkwardness, shyness, and possibly anxiety issues? That last episode of season 3 of My Little Pony is some fucking bullshit. I was in, on three seperate occasions in the most popular rock band in my school. Geeks, when they choose, can use their mental flexibility move through different social groups and fields of study. The administration was pretty hard nosed about that stuff and the school was most famous for its debate , robotics, and drama teams which got all the funding. May 22, 2012 - geek-hierarchy-tee - more proof that I may actually be a geek. They are not skilled with social interactions and have trouble relating to the real world. Geeks Nerd Love My Love We All Mad Here Jorge Ben Fangirl Fandoms Nerd Geek Geek Art #Geek Hierarchy put it this way geek = freaking Batman nerd = Batman fandom people and dork = "I can't wait for the Avengers movie I love Batman!" They are appropriating it via a limited context and borrowing qualities from the abstract knowledge they have about particular movements by oppressed minorities to reclaim privilege within American society. Before you begin reading this, please note that ALL people fall someplace inside the geek … They are instantly masters of everything they touch or do. All posts copyright their original authors. Re-make of an internet classic. I thought the thrust of the linked articles characterized the geek/nerd cultural paradigm as on that relies on appropriating signifiers from groups who are actually marginalized. They are usually nice people, but don't have the social skills to go out and meet new friends. Answer these 29 easy questions to find out whether you are a geek, a nerd, or something else … All geeks are nerds, but not all nerds are geeks. I am surrounded by novelty and whimsy wherever I go. Before you begin reading this, please note that ALL people fall someplace inside the geek hierarchy. Better than the "Sassy Black Friend" on most mainstream mostly white sitcoms though I'd say. The specific elements of what it meant to be a geek were always based in franchises. I think you're defining geekdom too narrowly. I expect a dancey yet earnest song about Internet trolls any day now. Questions. But you long to know: are you a geek or a nerd? May 22, 2012 - geek-hierarchy-tee - more proof that I may actually be a geek. It's how abuse perpetuates, of course, and also just that after having our behavior policed we become somewhat habituated to behavioral policing. Nerds, in my mind, were always the people who studied and analyzed things, had full understanding of an issue; to me that sounds like us. Difference Between Nerd, Geek, And Dork Feb 15. I don’t want to name names, and I’m having trouble thinking of famous or stereotype examples…. At no time in my life am I without instant access to endless entertainment and educational resources. See more ideas about quotes, funny quotes, sarcastic quotes. It's the difference between "being a fan/liking something" and "fandom." Take this quiz to get the answer! Take this quiz to find out, and learn which camp you belong to! Also all the really well off are in private/religious/etc schools, unless you're in an area that has awesome public schools anyway and thus will be defacto rich areas (the plot to The Slums Of Beverley Hills, etc). Geeks, nerds, gamers: you are Budweiser now. But I am also self aware enough in retrospect to realize that a good amount of this wasn't people automatically dismissing me, it was me automatically dismissing everyone else. Oh, ad hominem: Jo Walton's Hugo, Nebula, and BSF award winning, I think one of my other big, big problems with the culture of victimhood in geekdom (which is adult-run) is just how poorly it serves the twelve year old kids spending lunchtime reading. Are you a nerd? I'd doff my my fedora if I owned one. NEXT QUESTION BELOW. Many Dorks, however, are perfectly happy with their limited fields of vision. Man am I glad the second article brought up Crumb. It's true, as people lament being bullied by "the Normals," they bully other geeks. A ‘Nerd’, ‘geek’ and ‘dork’ are words that have stereotyped images of persons associated with them. Join 6,470 readers in helping fund MetaFilter. Are You A Geek, Nerd, Dork, Or What? I've been having a month-long Fringeathon and I got the "S5 is here!" Buy Geek Hierarchy: Dork Jersey: Shop top fashion brands Everything Else at FREE DELIVERY and Returns possible on eligible purchases There's a strong parallel here to the self-perception of American evangelicals. it's really hard for me to identify with nerd/geek subculture these days, even though i WAS a nerd in the 60s and early 70s and went through all sorts of holy hell for it. I guess you could call that "bicycle fandom." It was carefully devised to ensure that we considered all forms of geekdom. I don't think that means that there's no good that can come out of fandoms. Where I grew up the public schools were awesome. Are you a geek or a nerd? You are such a dork! To be part of certain subcultures of geekdom or nerddom, for instance, you have to purchase Doctor Who Ultimate box sets or Arduino kits to open up your dog's house door. Nerd, Geek, Dork… Words that were born as pure insults in the past are now labels that many wear proudly. Nope. geek = technical/scientific version of the nerd, often one person can be described as both a nerd and a geek. It was out-of-fashion, but did get used. Geek vs. Yet another metafilter thread about hipsters? Examples: I can’t think of any at this time. parts: 29 jinny . It will surprise nobody here to learn that as a child, I struggled with notions of cliques and popularity and geek and nerd greatly. Hi! It was published on the now-defunct humor website, Brunching Shuttlecocks, in January, 2002. Linus Torvalds. Although they seem very similar, I’m gonna have to go with a “yeah I don’t think so.” Regular price $ 20.00 USD $ 20.00 USD. Scientist creates graph that explains the difference - and shows where YOU are on the scale. Maybe it's not obvious but the principle that public school was a shared traumatic experience is a form of privilege. Geek vs. It always seems, and I'm not offering an excuse here, that sometimes people who feel victimized seek out victims themselves. It’s at this point where I make a decision – correct the info and “risk” being called a nerd… Another word for dork. He is not a nerd, he is not a geek. He always seemed like a severely socially crippled buffoon with some nerdy accoutrements tacked on. I think people should be really careful about ascribing geek culture's endemic sexism and racism to the things that make geek culture unique. A geek is someone who is always heavily into things like rpg, classic sci fi, and loves to argue about it with others or chime in any time they hear someone mention a geek Passion of theirs,whether appropriate to do so or not. The idea that you can buy your way into social acceptance, or if you have a safety net to be "eccentric". A friend of mine recently introduced me to a friend of his by saying "This is [mediocre], he's an eccentric." Think of Postmodern as instead meaning "Post Industrial" or "New Capitalistic". There's a larger set encompassing the Venn diagram in this article, which is Buy Stuff. MetaFilter is a weblog that anyone can contribute a link or a comment to. And really nice public schools drive up house prices like whoooooa. You are Ford. Their capacity for new knowledge is severely limited by their inability to cross-reference information outside their field with information inside of it, thus created new paths in their brain. You may have used this word to describe someone who is constantly reading books, studying, gaining knowledge in various fields, showing it off and so on. I agree with the first article's definitions of nerd and geek. On the bottom, are the dorks, Dorks usually don't have any real skills or much in the way of smarts. Turbo Dork Vibe Hat. 200+ Geek-Nerd-Dork Hierarchy ideas | nerd, funny, bones funny There’s a lot of overlap in meanings. No, they're not great evidence but it's better than nothing. Posts: 266 From: Lost in a five and a half mintue hallway. Software engineer Burr Settles studied the … Check out our geek dork nerd selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. When you look at the individual components of my younger life, it would look much more like that of a "cool kid" then I wanted to admit at the time. Just don't boff it. xobender Alpha Geek. Jan 23, 2013 - We scour the Web for brilliant designs, revealing infographics, and exceptionally geeky stuff. Nerd: Someone who isn't considered in the "cool" crowd. It is when you consider that the assertions are being made by what white, middle class geeks understand about oppression. Definition of "Dork" on the front Geek Hierarchy printed on the back. This website exists to break down the barriers between people, to extend a weblog beyond just one person, and to foster discussion among its members. Woohoo! What's the group where everyone is into pretty goofy stuff but everyone's cool about it and there's no judgment and everybody's welcome, like, you don't have to dress a certain way or be a certain way you can just hang out with us and enjoy our weird things that we like from time to time and later we'll have a barbeque or whatever and its totally fine that you're into that really odd thing you can share it if you want that's cool here have a wine cooler, I call myself a dork. These are your classic social misfits. Rhett and Link play the dozens to convince you that a geek is better than a nerd and vice-versa. Nerds are usally smarter and more intellectually based than geeks. yeah I agree. People, I later learned, actually really admired and looked up to me in that town because of how willing I was to just dive into something full steam whenever I had an idea. They often have very few friends. I always defined the "social skills" thing as "figures out what the other kids are doing and blends in with them." Tom Kelliher. Similarly, the "commonalities of the working class identity" have been bullied by neoliberalism, and now I subscribe to Jacobin Magazine to prove I'm one of "us" instead of one of, well, one of those people who has to make everything about "us" vs. Saved from ... Geek/Nerd/Dork/Dweeb Venn Diagram. I played role-playing games as a boy, and often played the more challenging and somehow less satisfying board-based war games that were their fellow travelers. When that job went away, I was the DJ at the pirate radio staton I ran out of the aforementioned venue/club. Take this quiz to find out, and learn which camp you belong to! The hierarchy was a complicated chart that shows what fan groups consider themselves 'less geeky than' … Regular price $ 20.00 USD $ 20.00 USD. A nerd is a person who is very interested and very good in academics whereas a geek is a person who is extremely or obsessively interested in a particular field, which is not necessarily academic. I'm not even sure Urkel was a nerd. A lot. It's a weird, sad way for an adult to behave. They don't care that they arent' cool. Re: the second article linked in the OP, neither Superbad nor Knocked Up are movies about geeks or starring geek characters. Nerds are unconcerned with how others perceive them and may appear carelessly dressed. I like geeky stuff, but geek culture in both its male and female varieties can't go away soon enough. Amanda August 5, 2010, 8:56 pm. And this is of course ignoring the historically racist depiction of African-Americans in Hollywood, the dearth of leading men and women who are black, and the regular practice of casting white actors in roles written for minorities. Turbo Dork Unisex Logo T-Shirt. There is a difference between geeks and nerds. You like the things you like and refuse to make excuses for that fact. Registered: Mar 2001: posted March 22, 2002 18:42 Nerds, in my mind, were always the people who studied and analyzed things, had full understanding of an issue; to me that sounds like us. im a geek. by Great White Snark | updated on August 6, 2015. A Dork is someone with a topic or two at which they specialize and a couple more areas in which they are capable of some understanding, though not mastery. I remain in awe of the ability on display here to simultaneously deny that a group is stigmatized, while bringing out a parade of negative stereotypes. Everything within is more or less demographics of Buying Stuff. I came up as a fan of science fiction, horror, and fantastic literature. Look, maybe I'm missing something but last time I checked mainstream culture hadn't been cleansed of prejudice, leaving geek culture as the last bastion of sexism and racism on earth. Do you ride a bike? I mean, I was a literal mouthbreather for all of elementary school and painfully shy up until college and it feels like the most accurate term, for whatever reason.

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