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The Magnus Archives (and, thus, these transcripts) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. As precaution, he takes to carrying a corkscrew, for extracting worms from people, and he hides CO2 fire extinguishers in old case file boxes. Decorate your laptops, water bottles, helmets, and cars. For the Rusty Quill Gaming & Giving 2019 charity livestream, Anil wrote a poem in just a few hours and Alex J. Newall, Martin's voice actor. gay little mag159 comic because i’m experiencing emotions. (MAG 60). [15], Martin and John flee the Institute and go into hiding. I mean he and Oliver never technically met, and I get why Martin would be jealous of Oliver waking Jon up when he couldn't, but that doesn't seem like enough grounds for the sheer level of hatred he felt...could be something more, could be the opposing natures of total annihilation and patient death... New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the TheMagnusArchives community, Subreddit for the weekly horror podcast The Magnus Archives produced by [The Rusty Quill](, Press J to jump to the feed. MARTIN., Martin Blackwood is named after horror writer Algernon Blackwood and Martin Corcoran, who voices, Martin appears to know some amount of Polish, as evidenced in, Martin is the last surviving assistant from the trio of season one. In late 2017, he teams up with Peter, agreeing to work for him in if he keeps the others safe. A weekly horror fiction podcast examining what lurks in the archives of the Magnus Institute, an organisation dedicated to researching the esoteric and the weird. [13], Peter has had him record statements relating to the Extinction and despite his distaste for Peter, Martin is forced to admit that the threat seems real. High quality Martin Blackwood The Magnus Archives gifts and merchandise. I think the Magnus Archives is going to end with a Web Ritual. He has no known friends outside of work, a mother who would rather not be around him, and his boss and crush is often dismissive of him. This is my favorite fan theory I've seen yet... and I can absolutely see it coming true. Make your statement, face your fear. Martin walks in on John doing one of his supplemental recordings and sees that he has photos of Tim’s house. Image description under the cut (ID: The image is a three page comic featuring characters from The Magnus Archives. 4. Martin Blackwood!!!! After the Unknowing has been stopped, Tim is dead, Daisy is missing, and John is in a medically impossible coma. Drunk rambling signing out. 5. However, something caught my attention that I hadn't really focused on before. There are 108 the magnus archives for sale on Etsy, and they cost CA$23.43 on average. It seemed to be a normal day at the Magnus institute. 8th, 2020 01:39 pm. 7 The Chariot – Breekon & Hope. oh, martin a regular day on magnus archives. Jonny Sims has stated in the season two Q&A that Martin is Not Going to be Okay. Recorded in Situ. And it's still happening, of course. The Magnus Archives Wikia is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. John has been having to navigate through the various nests of fear to feed the eye but Martin has been marked by each one in turn then trying to encourage to snuff them out out of fear. "[6], Martin was born around 1987. NOTE: This season was conceived long prior to the real world pandemic situation of March 2020, with many episodes written before governmental & societal responses. Leaving things as they are will lead to extinction. Hearing this, Martin … “Make your statement, face your fear.” A weekly horror fiction podcast examining what lurks in the archives of the Magnus Institute, an organisation dedicated to researching the esoteric and the weird. Some interpretations suggest it might replace us with something new - that can then fear annihilation in turn.". First of all, I have had this theory for a while and second of all, yes I joined this subreddit just to make this post. Special Episodes - Q&A, Contest Winners, Etc. 5, 2020 His anger/grief at the possibility (or outcome...sobs) could have that unfold. What if that decision comes down to Martin? When Martin inadvertently stays out past sunset, he flees his monstrous pursuers and stumbles upon the Magnus Estate, eerie and seemingly abandoned, in the middle of the woods. a lot of these r scenes from a series im working on so one day theyll be animated!! They hand the recording to the police and Elias is put in jail, but not before appointing Peter Lukas as the new head of the Institute. This line made me realize just how frequently this had happened to Martin. Martin seems ready to fight until he notices Michael’s hands, realising they’re facing something supernatural, Martin and Tim run away, straight into Michael’s door. He urges Martin to look at him and finally manages to pull him from the Lonely’s grasp. The Magnus Archives | All Martin Moments | Season 2 - YouTube It's passive vs. active. #safehouse period #tma #magnuspod #the magnus archives #martin blackwood #tma fanart. Martin is trapped with John until Tim breaks down a wall and leads them into the tunnels. The Magnus Archives is a workplace comedy. Oh I'm very into this idea. Martin is a very doting individual, often worrying about Jon, making him tea or making sure he's okay. It's where your interests connect you with your people. Printed with durable, fade-resistant inks. He is an awesome Pokémon dad to all the Pokémon he takes care of! 1987 he/him Martin has the majority of his screen time in season four, where the narrative focuses heavily on him and John. As an emotional character who is hellbent on changing things, it's starting to make sense that he'll be Extinction. To bring them together at the end of ends? Inside is a man with a monstrous face and glowing eyes, who insists Martin is the key to turning the world back. I know, Peter and Elias and Simon were trying to sway him this way and that for their own purposes, and these statements were given to him to read as a source of persuasion. Oh fuck did he actually say "the world is always ending"? Meta information The more I think about it, the more I trust it. Sims narra el podcast como el personaje principal, Jonathan Sims, quien es el archivero jefe recién nombrado del ficticio Instituto Magnus,una institución con sede en Londres centrada en la investigación de lo paranormal. 6 The Lovers – Sasha James. They eventually leave and head toward the Institute, looking for a way to undo the Change. this is the magnus archives one! Martin hates and is jealous of the avatar.of death. New head archivist Jonathan Sims attempts to organize and record a collection of seemingly … Case #####-11 Considerations of the Flesh. The Magnus Archives returns for its final season April 2nd 2020. They settle into a comfortable domesticity in one of Daisy’s safe houses in Scotland. It's Jonathan Sims, The Archivist, he's fricking 'The Magnus Archives', the one archive specifically curated by Jonah Magnus. Independent art hand stretched around super sturdy wood frames. Initially, John does not appear to value his services, saying he will contribute "nothing but delays.”. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. 3. It's just so encompassing. Alexander J. Newall Sounds perfect for a newly emerged Extinction. Please link all fills to the fill post. statement begins. 2 The High Priestess – Gertrude Robinson. Sorry pal, false alarm this time.". Adventure Fanfiction Short Stories The Magnus Archives The Magnus Archives Au Alternate Universe ... Tma buncha writing bits from my au fanfic. It seems unlikely that he will ever wake up and Martin grieves for him. Martin desperately wants to kill him but refuses to go through with it. Close. I just caught up completely on my most recent relisten, and I've had a thought. He's usually quite nervous around him, stuttering often. He eventually leaves the recording for Basira and the others to find, asking them to talk to John about it. 0 The Fool –Jonathan Sims. Colony I hope he becomes a literal library and Martin can watch over him for millennia. With everything that Martin has gone through, protecting John has always been his priority. The Magnus Archives is a horror audiobook written by Jonathan Sims, directed by Alexander J. Newall and distributed by Rusty Quill. It seemed to galvanized him (even though BEFORE the apocalypse he was still trying to do something about the nonsense despite having to feed himself to the Lonely to do it). Peter intends to make him aligned to both the Eye and the Lonely so that he can use the device while ultimately serving Peter’s interests. They keep in touch with Basira and after three weeks, she sends some statements as sustenance for John. They head out but sneak back later. I still think the web is going to try to get the world back to the way it was - not for altruistic reasons, but so the powers can stay alive. Despite first impressions, he's very good at lying and manipulation, and is often underestimated.[2][3]. John tracks him down and tries to bring him out of the Lonely but Martin simply confesses that he loved him and vanishes. it sounds way too feasible that jon and martin could get to the end of their journey, discover they have no way of undoing the fearpocalypse, and martin, in all his grief and hatred of the current world and the creatures that rule it, bursts forth as the avatar of the extinction to end this world he hates so much. Something big enough to compare to Jon. Throughout the whole series, a handful of statements have been theorized as Extinction and a few have been false alarms via Adelard Dekker. (MAG 41, MAG 55). I've been very Web!Martin but I'm kicking about a couple of other possibilities in my head that I haven't fully developed. The Magnus Archives is a horror podcast written and performed by Jonathan Sims (of The Mechanisms fame) with a supporting cast and occasional guests. Case #0160729-BStatement of Elias Buchard, Tim Stoker, Sasha James, Martin Blackwood and Jonathan Sims regarding the infestation of the Magnus Institute by the entity formerly known as Jane Prentiss.…And so we arrive at the end of Season 1.Season 2 of The Magnus Archives will commence on Thursday 1st December but before then we will be featuring an interview with Jonathan Sims, writer … Get up to 50% off. About two months after the Unknowing, Martin’s mother passes away and he feels as though he has nothing left to live for. The Magnus Archives is a weekly horror fiction anthology podcast examining what lurks in the archives of the Magnus Institute, an organisation dedicated to researching the esoteric and the weird. He is wearing a white button up shirt, black vest, and a green cravat. 1 The Magician- Michael Crew. NOTE: This season was conceived long prior to the real world pandemic situation of March 2020, with many episodes written before governmental & societal responses. The first panel shows Elias, who is an older man with gray hair. All of those confirmed statements are read by Martin. He is present when John finally returns to confront Elias and is distraught to learn that Elias is a murderer and that Sasha has been dead for nearly a year. We'll see!! [3], For all his pretence, Martin’s connection to the Lonely is real and he is deep in its grip. He contacts the ECDC and gets a jar of Prentiss’ ashes for John, who notes that Martin has been showing increased competence and apparent concern for his well-being since Prentiss’ attack. Web makes a lot of sense, and honestly, I'm here for the Web theories. The Magnus Archives is a horror fiction podcast written by Jonathan Sims, directed by Alexander J. Newall and distributed by Rusty Quill. this is the magnus archives one! He is trapped in his apartment by Jane Prentiss from the end of February to March 12th, when he returns to the archives and gives a statement. Martin's D&D class would be bard with no instrument. "The Extinction is… different. tma the magnus archives jon sims Jonathan Sims the archivist Martin Blackwood JonMartin evil corrupted ask pen and ink digital overlay My head is so full guys tragedy horror theory end game thoughts spoilers tma spoilers season 5 whump watcher's crown good cows AlexandeNight My art traditional art etc magic gathering consern the magnus archives is a tragedy Why push John to be the bearer of the crown then pair him with Martin? On February 16th, 2017, John tells Tim and Martin to head home early as he’s feeling ill and doesn’t want to infect them. When Martin inadvertently stays out past sunset, he flees his monstrous pursuers and stumbles upon the Magnus Estate, eerie and seemingly abandoned, in the middle of the woods. The most common the magnus archives material is wool. I also don't think there's anyone that wants the world as it is to end more than him. The crown goes to her" #tma #the magnus archives #tma shitpost #this is dumb but im posting it anyway Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. He talks very animatedly. The Magnus Archives (TV Series 2016– ) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Peter believes that the Extinction, a fifteenth Entity, is emerging and it could mean the end of the world. the magnus archives • characters + general aesthetic —audio recording by jonathon sims, head archivist of the magnus institute, london. There's so much hurt and anger that he's struggling to keep at bay each episode, and the roadtrip to the Eye seems to only be making it worse. I feel like this is the idea that makes the Extinction as a major player seem to make the most sense. He tells himself that it is to protect the others but he thinks it might also just be a good way to get himself killed. He is unsure where he got the idea from but feels it might help him find the way out. One which, if it gets its way, could spell the end of the world. [5], When compared to Tim, Basira calls Tim "the hot one. tma the magnus archives spoilers tma spoilers the magnus archives martin … Sims narrates the stories in-character as the main character, Jonathan Sims, the newly-appointed head archivist of the fictional Magnus Institute; an institution based in London centred on research into the paranormal. Someone else made a recent post about Extinction and I didn't like super dig into it, but one of the things I was thinking about a bit was that rather than the Extinction being pointless, that it's basically something people aren't scared enough of, and that's why it ended up not really coming through and mattering. the magnus archives tma the magnus archives incorrect quotes tma incorrect quotes jonathan sims martin blackwood Helen Richardson source: tumblr Elias: I know Peter and I … Sorry pal, false alarm this time." Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 6. John continues to pressure him and Martin ultimately confesses to having lied on his CV. Martin goes for a walk to give him some privacy as he reads one. The Magnus Archives - Season 5 Trailer. Male Gods damnit. Pokémon Magnus Archives AU #2. When the others leave to stop The Unknowing, he and Melanie stay behind. Chapter Text. If the Extinction has an opposite/rival like Eye-Stranger, Vast-Buried, etc., it's gonna be the End. His exact sexual orientation remains unconfirmed, but he is attracted to men. Martin becomes increasingly concerned over John's well-being and begins watching him more closely. The process seems to take a lot out of him. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. They deliver a chest containing what will become the Not!Sasha to the Magnus Archives. And Martin is growing more and more...unstable? And then suddenly everyone in the Archives found themselves in a unfamiliar place surrounded by fog, and another Martin in front of them. On John's suggestion, he moves into the archives.[11]. They leave together. Something's gonna come down to Martin for sure, I trust that. Follow. Hi. A world full of people scared of war, climate change, pandemics, etc. 3 The Empress – Mary Keay. Turn your home, office, or studio into an art gallery, minus the snooty factor. Like Martin won't even let the literal apocalypse make him feel like there's nothing he can do. 8 Strength – Jared Hopworth Martin Blackwood The audio in today’s episode was recorded at our first Magnus liveshow as part of the London Podcast Festival Presents audio drama event in 2019. See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro Series Directed by . He struggled to find a job and started to lie on his CV. This theory has merit as the extinction is known as the fear of replacing the what was with what will be. Affiliation Graphic Depictions Of Violence; Martin Blackwood/Jonathan "Jon" Sims | The Archivist/Tim Stoker (The Magnus Archives) Tim Stoker (The Magnus Archives) Martin is slowly emerging as an avatar of the Extinction. John finds him again after killing Peter. The web has been encouraging this all along. 821 notes. [12], John returns in February 2018 and Martin finds a new purpose. Sims narrates the podcast in-character as the main character, Jonathan Sims, the newly-appointed head archivist of the fictional Magnus Institute—an institution based in London centered on research into the paranormal. Statement of an unknown bystander regarding an encounter with The Archivist. I'm very excited to see how this is all going to play out. He worked in the library and was transferred to the Archives by Elias Bouchard when Jonathan Sims was promoted to head archivist. MAGNUS ARCHIVES THEORY. Biographical information the magnus archives tma the magnus archives incorrect quotes tma incorrect quotes martin blackwood sasha james source: buzzfeed unsolved (thanks ourshyhearts for the source) Jon: If you kill a killer, the amount of killers in the world stay the same. And maybe Martin's hatred was more than just jealousy regarding Jon???? Especially if John dies, which is an extremely likely event. Only four statements have been confirmed as Extinction encounters. He also starts to find his isolation comfortable and manifests the ability to vanish.[14]. Angler Fish High quality Magnus Archives gifts and merchandise. Very solipsistic attitude of you to have". Hello Again. Voice Actor Make your statement, face your fear. epic takes place in an au as i said, so some canon will certainly be messed up. What's interesting is something I was thinking about with Simon's kind of campaign to recruit Martin is that the Vast -- and I think to some extent the extinction -- are like kind of antithetical to how Martin seems to think about the world. After the Change, he and John shelter in the cabin for an indeterminate amount of time. At this point, replacing what's left of humanity would be a boon to The Extinction, as everyone is too busy with the other fears to be afraid of some eventual world ending event; given their current condition, some might welcome that. A weekly horror fiction podcast examining what lurks in the archives of the Magnus Institute, an organisation dedicated to researching the esoteric and the weird. the magnus archives: martin blackwood; Link; 296 comments; Reply [video] a long belated introduction Mar. By Martin K. Blackwood. It’s plausible, definitely. He gradually learns what Peter has planned for him. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about the magnus archives? The Magnus Archives es un podcast de horror y drama escrito por Jonathan Sims, dirigido por Alexander J. Newall y distribuido por Rusty Quill.

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