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We’re kicking off our list of commanders in Rise of Kingdoms with the Legendary commanders, which have some of the strongest characters in the game. So try plan out which role a commander is going to play for you before committing to a path. With this update: The new commanders have been added. With the current max level being 60, a commander maxes out at 74 talent points. Legendary Commanders Tier List Tier S Credit for the information on the commander’s tier list goes to Rok Guide. Commanders Tier List - The … The Yi and Mehmed nerf has been included. I know that may find this list not correct for you but this is overall what I think. List of Legendary Commanders List of Epic Commanders List of Elite and Advanced Commanders. Constantine has the extra damage reduction … If you need more pieces of information about commanders you can check guides for Talent tree, commander Tier list and best pairings. For example a Free to Play player will not want to try to collect all of the top tier commanders as they probably would want to focus on one or … But how you get them and how you use them is important to consider as well. each kingdom's commander unlock timeline should be based upon when that commander becomes available in that kingdom; the coding is simple -- assign each commander a value based upon their unlock order (0 [immediate; gold key & purchased], 1 [Richard], 2 [YSG], 3 [Khan], etc. Navigation. I also recommend you to have at least one or two farming accounts to help accelerate your main account growth and reach Tier 5 troops as fast as you can. It is possible to reset a commander’s talents, but the Talent Reset item is a fairly rare reward, and mighty expensive to buy with gems. TIP: If you’re looking for a specific hero, we recommend using the search (Ctrl + F) function in your browser. Before upgrade any point in the talent tree, you should plan what to do with your Commander first. How to Gather in ROK: Conclusion When it comes to gathering resources in Rise of Kingdoms, you definitely will want to go for high-level resource spots with your best gathering commanders. But even so, it is relatively easy for you to decide what your best commander is based on what you have unlocked and in today’s article I will share a complete guide for the Rise of Kingdoms commanders, as well as rank them from best to worst (in my opinion).. Do have in mind that commanders in RoK are not created equal, some being better for attacking … Wu Zetian is the best commander for defending your city and works best with Yi-Seong Gye as secondary commander because he will boost active skill damage and overall has a great synergy. I made this conclusion from checking reports, dueling and talking with my alliance’s members. On this page, we have an entire list of Commanders with talent tree builds suggestion. Using Legendary Commander as your Core Commander: This mistake usually happens with some players who lucky enough to pull a Legendary Commander in the early game. Commanders Tier List - The Best Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms (v3.0) December 2020. The Tier List above lists all of the current Legendary Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms, the top S Tier lists the ultimate commanders in the game. More accurate variables are being used from our work in our defining the combat variables post. Richard is also working well with extra healing but this can get countered easily with Saladin or Mehmed attacks, so be careful here. Rise of Kingdoms is a mobile RTS game with one of the most intricate combat systems, which is mostly due to the numerous commanders that you can unlock and upgrade.In this guide, we’re going to list every single commander in the game as of June … RoK Commander Tier List List of Epic Commanders List of Elite and Advanced Commanders. The Commander Tier List Calculator, Updated! Saved from Hi All, We've finally updated the One Tier List to Rule Them All. Star levels can be unlocked through sacrificing sculptures specific for that commander or a general sculpture.

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