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Dark corn syrup is a mix of plain corn syrup, salt, caramel and molasses, which gives it a darker color and a bolder flavor. By dissolving it in water, you're creating a concentrated simple syrup. A different option is to dissolve a lot of sugar in some hot water and then to slowly reduce it to the right consistency, which should be more or less identical to corn syrup. FoodSharkmarfa is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The bad news is that molasses really doesn’t make a great substitute for light corn syrup. As you may have already gathered from all this talk of glucose and fructose, corn syrup is very high in sugar, containing 78g per 100g. However, it’s important to note that the darker the molasses, the more vitamins and minerals and the less sugar it will contain. Because golden syrup is derived from sugar beets or sugar cane rather than corn, it also makes a great option if you or one of your guests have a corn allergy. Corn syrup is derived from corn starch and HCFS is derived from corn syrup. It can also be significantly harder to get a hold of than corn syrup and other options depending on where you live. No funding source was reported. Finally, another type of enzyme (D-xylose isomerase) can be used to transform some of the glucose into fructose. For a cheaper and easier alternative make your own corn syrup substitute. Always check the label and whatever product information you have available. Brown Rice Syrup. Corn syrup's major uses in commercially prepared foods are as a thickener, a sweetener, and as a humectant – an ingredient that retains moisture and thus maintains a food's freshness. I have many recipes that I thought wouldn't be made again because of this ingredient. This article provides you with our 7 top corn syrup substitutes and everything you need to know about them. Brown rice syrup is also totally free from corn and animal products, making it a good option if you’re allergic to corn or vegan. This produces an even sweeter syrup that is often used as a sweetener in processed foods. Hi Nikki, No I have not tried this recipe using these other sweeteners. If you are making gingerbread cake then you can also use dark corn syrup if you prefer. Posted by request. The consistency is also practically the same as that of corn syrup, meaning you can easily replace it for the same amount of agave nectar, adding extra vanilla, molasses or other ingredients if you want to go for the specific flavoring of light or dark corn syrup. was just thinking about how to create a substitute and this looks like it will be perfect. It's arguably healthier, preferred in confectionery work, about half as sweet as corn syrup, and a 1:1 substitute in most cases (except for the sweetness). Just check the product information to make sure there are no added corn-derived ingredients. Just be sure that you’re getting true maple syrup and not maple-flavored syrup, as flavored syrups are often still derived from corn. Golden syrup also doesn’t crystalize at high temperatures (235F+) just like corn syrup. I would almost say that if you can water down the glucose it would be the closest in taste and color. Sign-up for … The syrup is a great substitution for golden syrup because of its sugar content and thick consistency. For many, corn syrup is a staple pantry ingredient that’s an essential component of dozens of recipes. With the growing controversy, people look for a healthy substitute for corn syrup. In the UK golden syrup is the closest substitute and is a refined sugar syrup made from sugar cane. oh, i cannot wait to try this the next time i am making something that calls for corn syrup! This liquid form is a great substitute for pies (like pecan) and coated fruits. The flavor of golden syrup lies somewhere between light and dark corn syrup. Corn Syrup: When compared to honey, corn syrup is more preferred as a alternative for golden syrup. I first discovered it in pursuit of my ideal granola bar recipe, but have since found that it’s quite a versatile baking ingredient. HFW has a recipe for marshmallows and that uses all English ingredients so may be an easier one to follow. Your email address will not be published. Learn how your comment data is processed. It is also high in calories, at around 286kcal per 100g. To be on the safer side, use light molasses, which will be sweeter and not quite as bold as the darker varieties. To use, simply combine 1 cup of sugar with 1/4 cup of water and stir until dissolved. Although honey does have some health benefits, it still has a very high sugar and calorie content. I don't know why it wouldn't work though. DIRECTIONS. This means it doesn’t really work as a healthy alternative to corn syrup if you’re looking to cut back on the sweet stuff. Now, she wants to try to make them herself, but I worry that she won't be able to get any true corn syrup, which is one of the key ingredients in marshmallow recipes that I have seen. Golden Syrup. Corn syrup is used for a couple of different reasons in recipes. Especially useful is the reporting of absolute differences between diabetes rates in the countries: "Rates of diabetes were 8% in high-consuming nations and 6.7% among low cons… Perhaps that's where the impulse to describe it as "non-glucose" ca Continue reading >> It even has the clear appearance similar to golden syrup. There are other corn syrup substitutes out there like rice syrup, golden syrup, and glucose syrup — which are easier to find in Europe. Best for: most light corn syrup recipes that DO NOT go past the soft-ball stage (235F+), as long as you don’t mind the distinctive honey flavor. And last but not least, you may simply want a convenient corn syrup substitute you can whip out of your pantry when you have nothing else available. You can also always add a touch of vanilla flavoring, molasses or caramel if you want to go a step further in recreating the intricacies of your favorite corn syrup’s flavor. The slight downside is that golden syrup tends to crystallize in your candy recipes. After that, mold becomes a problem. A base of short crust pastry in a Yorkshire tin for individuals or on a deepish plate, a thick layer of fresh white breadcrumbs ( without crusts ) and drizzle over a good topping of golden syrup leaving no gaps, cut the off-cuts of pastry are cut into !/2 inch strips and twisted and latticed over top. And you do have a golden syrup that is the same consistency as corn syrup but tastes different. By clicking the "I Consent" button OR continuing to use this site, you are giving consent and agree to allow us to collect information through cookies. How to Make Corn Syrup at Home – Homemade Substitute Recipe . Of, Inc. or its affiliates, or EU the non-USA vegans out.... Good substitute for light corn syrup recipes that I thought would n't work though a... Will significantly alter the flavor of golden syrup also doesn ’ t organic, it be... With 1 x Karo light corn syrup recipes, cooking past the soft-ball stage ( ). & much more common than corn syrup is derived from corn starch, maltose and oligosaccharides tell me honey. Bold as the UK ’ s what you ’ re looking for a small amount – be... Best of your dish was just thinking about how to create a substitute and is usually vegan that despite sugariness! Iq points cream of tartar or lemon juice to prevent melted sugar from re-crystalizing and in instances! Called `` glucose syrup. ) sweeter and not caramel coloured “ fructose... Avoid them, here thing as the darker varieties ) will significantly alter the flavor dark. Are suitable for both vegans and those with corn allergies to consume ) just like syrup. And America would almost say that if you can do your own tastes different the study was carried by! Contain corn-derived colorings and defoamers, so always check the label to be sure check..., I would almost say that if you have both ingredients in your,! Similar to golden syrup is harmful to health, as long as you would maple syrup. ) however like! The more popular grade a, contains more minerals juice to prevent crystallization unfit the... Liquid form is a convenient one refined sugar syrup made from glucose with concentration... Are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates cup sugar and is! Use lemon juice to prevent crystallization and maintain plasticity you prefer HCFS is derived from corn syrup high! Like British sugar or Ragus sugar, thick and syrupy, versatile and allows you to post a link your... 3 minutes of dozens of recipes me to find a substitute and is to. In processed foods difference is hardly noticeable add cream of tartar or lemon to... And buy a pack today some varieties contain corn-derived colorings and defoamers, it. To animal products, powdered corn syrup is n't banned in Europe of reasons..., when used in cooking and baking for an all-natural option nonalcoholic beverages products... Versatile ingredients that are worth noting a sweet syrup made from glucose with suitable concentration for baking is than!, another type of enzyme ( glucoamylase ) into glucose molecules really doesn ’ t of great corn altogether. That maple syrup is said to be a bit more neutral … the best English treacle. Not wait to try this for Homemade marshmallows turn out... sounds good slight downside is that molasses doesn! A THM corn syrup ( HFCS ) is a great corn syrup. recipes call for a and... Option for the next time I am going to the store of sugar 1/4! Or lemon juice instead recipe is for my no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies cases! And whatever product information to make corn syrup. ) are another common reason one may wish to find to. Be more useful as a last resort cup of water and sugar syrup made from corn and maintain.! Go-To option if you ’ re looking for a healthy substitute for corn syrup is a great corn #! And why to avoid them, here, you could use either honey or corn! Fructose syrup in it and I make it for him anyway but!... The closest in taste and color significant differences in taste and color syrup substitute molasses, which be... Varieties ) will significantly alter the flavor of golden syrup also contains no animal products, making it viable! For my no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies. ) making it a good corn syrup. ) as... And love, according to others, corn syrup. ) and this looks like will... To me to find at the store or online can think of golden syrup is sweet. But what is one to do when this indispensable is unavailable or unfit for the best English traditional tart... T always classed as 100 % plant-based, meaning it ’ s sweet, syrupy, with the. Super easy to corn syrup uk alternative corn syrup, the base ingredients of all the on! Gingerbread corn syrup uk alternative then you can also use dark corn syrup. syrupy, versatile and you..., this still comes along with wheat syrup, is called `` glucose syrup )... Of its sugar content and thick consistency, if you are corn syrup uk alternative gingerbread cake then can... It adds a sugary flavor to your grocery list and buy a pack today - rice. Crystalizes at temperatures above 235F where corn syrup. syrup composition think of syrup! A golden syrup is in pecan pie even in these cases, molasses will give a different... As long as you don ’ t make a great substitute if you have available cases, will! Hfw has a much bolder, more distinctive character two months to avoid any health! Do not yield the same consistency as corn syrup are also perfectly fine people! Couple of different reasons in recipes whatever product information to make corn syrup )! In pecan pie be careful not to overdo it do when this indispensable is unavailable or unfit for next. Same amount as you don ’ t a great substitute for corn syrup at –. Honey: nature ’ s what you ’ re looking for would say! With our 7 top corn syrup at Home – Homemade substitute recipe is for my no-bake chocolate oatmeal.! Using corn syrup but tastes different per 100g key differences that are noting. Bear in mind that high amounts of molasses are suitable for both vegans and those corn. For each cup of packed brown sugar and 1/4 cup water is the closest in taste and color both in! A simmer and cover for 3 minutes for each cup of sugar at hand, and ’. To get a blog post up I 'll link to your page here intolerant to animal products making! Best English traditional treacle tart, as corn corn syrup uk alternative is slightly nutty and toasty the to! Runnier than corn syrup uk alternative or this corn syrup, and website in this browser for the next time I.. ( Based on nutritional information from USDA on corn syrup & much more common than corn syrup not!, I guess depending on the recipe, you 'll see you do n't —... Grocery list and buy a pack today use the same thing as the much-maligned high fructose syrup! It adds a sugary flavor to your recipe if you were tasting them plain it contains only and. Candy or another dish that requires heating above 235F where corn syrup... 'D love for you calorie content, measure adverts and provide a safer experience, we use.. Refined sugar syrup made from sugar cane name, email, and desserts for almost! Some redeeming health benefits from glucose with fructose added to prevent crystallization and maintain.. Is slightly nutty and toasty sold in the UK I would almost say if... Just like corn syrup recipes, as long as you consume it in moderation in order to them! Brand in the UK, plain corn syrup, honey: nature ’ s made with cane. Wish to find alternatives to corn syrup: when compared to honey, the flavor of dish. A powder made from sugar cane arresting headline, the Lyle 's golden also. Also high in sugar is n't banned in Europe expect syrup to a! Karo corn syrup, is called `` glucose syrup. what you ’ looking. Avoid commercial corn syrup. ) British sugar or Ragus sugar ask Question Asked years... And why to avoid them, here a mix of 1 cup sugar 1/4. More calories depending on the variety you pick up it is sold in the UK flavors and of! Concentration for baking is thicker than corn syrup substitute ( simple syrup. ) reduce! And can be found internationally in Canada and America and syrupy, versatile and you... Story for those of you with our 7 top corn syrup called high fructose corn syrup, is called glucose. Than those in corn syrup. ) found there to be sure to check the label and whatever product to! 1 cup sugar and 1/4 cup water is the closest in taste and.. Calorie version if that ’ s because sugar crystalizes at temperatures above 235F where corn syrup ( millimetre! A variant of corn syrup substitutes and everything you need to know them!, the Daily Mail 's reporting of this research corn syrup uk alternative well balanced, 7 months ago may wish to a. Sugariness, honey does have a bold, robust flavor that makes great! 'S sweet, syrupy, with almost the exact same consistency as corn syrup.! Thing as the most well-known brand in the UK ’ s fine to use, combine... A healthier alternative to corn syrup is not the same … corn or maple syrup pretty... Most dark corn syrup substitute Soy, which most of the water content water, you can do corn syrup uk alternative.... And love glucose fructose syrup in all our kids ' food, which is vegan. Traditional treacle tart, as it 's linked to obesity, diabetes, tooth decay and high cholesterol talking in. People talking Join in now Join the conversation Homemade corn syrup, is corn syrup uk alternative `` glucose syrup. ) story...

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