smitten kitchen banana bread

Are you picturing a powdered sugar glaze? This was a nice quick and easy recipe. After decades of making my grandmother’s recipe I was looking to try something new. I’m fine with that. I looked at the proportions of flour, baking soda, etc. We have a banana problem at work. I’m not sure. Perhaps the number of changes I made were too many, but I also felt like it just didn’t rise much at all, which could be due to the possibility that my baking soda has expired. Today I used 4 bananas, the lower amount of brown sugar, the bourbon, 1 1/4 tsp. I have to have nuts in my banana bread. Your email address will not be published. I’m finding this recipe amazingly flexible. (I didn’t have any bourbon on hand and used dark rum the first time. As good as the banana bread is, I’m not sure I’ve ever tasted anything more ambrosial than the batter. This is it! I made muffins instead of a loaf so that I could eat it faster. A one-bowl wonder, so a doddle to clean when it’s all over. I substituted whole wheat flour for 1/2 cup of the all-purpose and found it gave a nice chewy texture. I used white whole wheat flour, and didn’t have bourbon. We Made Chrissy Teigen’s Viral Banana Bread Recipe. Thanks!! I haven’t tried their recipe but for some reason I felt the need to throw that out thereif in the event someone wanted to attempt one of those little tips that push this recipe further. I think it’s absolutely fab! Made this a few days ago and stashed most of it in the freezer. This recipe is so good!! Except, actually, much easier. didn’t have the right sized loaf pan, but it worked out perfectly anyway. I tried all three ways. I’m in sorta high altitude Mexico City but didn’t make any changes to the recipe (except using the smaller amt of sugar) and it turned out fine (although they are a leetle on the flat side, but the flavor is great, so I don’t care). I added walnuts and mini chocolate chips and used rum since I had more than precious bourbon ;). (I hope it is okay to post a reply here! Here is what I came up with: I had a package of frozen Passion Fruit pulp in the freezer (purchased from a local Latino market). I made these earlier this week with the vodka cream pasta recipe that Deb posted a few months ago and both were fantastic. I am sad that I didn’t have bourbon on hand to add. Thank you for fabulous recipes that fill our tummys and warm our hearts :). I’ve tried so many different recipes, to the point where I was losing all hope for THAT one recipe….this is IT!!!! I think perhaps, however, the recipe would be better with a full rounded teaspoon of salt, not just a pinch. I’m giving birth to twins in November and am trying to plan what I can bake/freeze in advance so I can bring the L&D nurses some treats. The flavor is AWESOME!!! Best banana bread by far so far! I didn’t really notice the sour cream as a flavor and added it as an addition to moisture because I prefer my Banana Bread to be kind of dense and moist rather than cake-like. This recipe is amazing! If so, any cooking time adjustments? I need my bananas tinged with green. I am bummed. :) Two loaves of coconut bread now in the oven: one GF, one wheat. Thanks! P.S. I’ve made this recipe four times and it is the best banana bread recipe I’ve ever found. Bless you. So easy and simple. but also the Winter Squash Soup with Gruyere Croutons, which I will make early next week. I LOVE this recipe! One thing I changed for lack of bourbon…I used whiskey. My near black bananas were extra large and soft so the mashing was easy, but I managed to explode most of the butter into the microwave while melting it (oops, won’t try that technique again), so I added a bit of oil to make up for the lost butter, and I used a bit of pumpkin pie spice and a tablespoon of Amaretto instead of the recipe spices and bourbon. You’re the best, Deb. Didn’t have bourbon so used Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum. Thanks for all your wonderful recipes! This has been my go-to recipe for years. Glad the recipe worked at such a high altitude. Of course, my poor, dear husband was devastated he’d have to buy a fifth of bourbon, so I could use two tablespoons of it. It baked for exactly 50 minutes in a 5×9 (?) They turn black but are even sweeter. I’m making this recipe right now…..I didn’t have any bourbon, just rum left over from the Christmas cakes….think that will be all right? Separate the eggs first and whip the egg whites! I substituted a the lovely Glenlivet scotch (aged in French Oak) for the bourbon and this made some mighty fine banana bread. I used The Kraken dark spiced rum in place of the whiskey – highly recommend it when ‘spicing’ things up a bit (or, like me, out of whiskey. Thanks for all your great work! Delicious flavor wise – I subbed in amaretto for the bourbon, and added cardamom in place of your spices. I mean two would change everything. I try to buy them on the verge of freckles for this reason, to his everlasting disgust. Well, whatever John thinks, you must be doing something right! Throw in some choc chips and walnuts, you have a jacked up bread indeed (for Mardi Gras). I went with the 3/4 cup sugar and and it was perfect. I too am not a huge nutmeg person, so I just decrease it. The 5 Stages of Double Chocolate Banana Bread. Now!” stage, so I finally tried this, your delicious-sounding jacked up version. I’ve made it so many times I know it by heart now. I’ll try my best! It’s all here. I went for the lower end of the sugar range, but then put a about 1/8c of washed raw sugar over the top to make a crunchy crust. A sweet and spicy aroma wafted through my kitchen as the banana bread baked. How many bananas did you use? Added an extra 1/2 cup of flour, again to bring the mixture more to the consistency of a quick bread batter. Your recipes are tempting, simple and approachable, yet very appealing for us die hard culinary fans. Here, 3/4 cup of brown sugar (which has acid from molasses) only neutralizes about 1/2 tsp of baking soda. I have to admit I’m not good at measuring things… I usually put in around half flour/half bran, taking out a bit of butter or whatever other liquid is in there to compensate. Thank you for the wonderful recipe! I think everyone has a different banana scale! I (what a lush) have both on hand…. This banana bread is incredible! A friend brought this over as a hostess gift and it was practically gone in an instant! The brown, spotty, past their prime and about 36 hours from luring in fruit … Well who doesn’t. Perfect, easy, delicious. I’ll definitely be making another loaf again soon! Jenney — Bourbon was just for flavor. However, the kind you like are NOT unloved, just loved in a different form…baked in something! I CANNOT wait to make this! Baked for about 23 minutes (checked at 18, dry toothpick at 23, a couple more minutes would have probably made the crusts just a little more crunchy). These were good, but I think my bananas werent quite ripe enough. I’m new here, but already thoroughly smitten. This was a great recipe! What do you think – definitely consistent with a jacking up theme! Thanks for sharing!! Brilliant! This recipe has renewed my love of baking. I normally search through this site, Serious Eats, and The Kitchn first when looking for a recipe, and then came across this bad boy and had to try it out. You know how I feel about banana baked goods, and this one is definitely going on my to-do list! Bake. use command+F/control+F to search all the comments with whole wheat flour. This is DEFINITELY the best (and easiest) banana bread recipe I have ever made. Delicious. I was short one banana, but they were huge. Baked them in a muffin pan. I only reduced the sugar a little bit (130 grams for me) and its great! Totally the best banana bread I’ve ever had. I seem to be having the same issue as Hilda #148. it is too gooey of a bread to cook all the way through (without over-doing the edges). Success. I typically do 1c a gluten free blend (Pamelas or King Arthur are my go-tos) and then a 1/4c almond flour and 1/4c old fashioned oats to boost the structure. Actually it’s the only way I buy bananas now that I found the “Re-Wraps”… I buy trees of freckled wonders(the clerk always asks if I am making banana bread and I tell her I own a monkey, “It’s my own ritual of getting these treasures home”)… You see we are BIG FANS of hot cereals, Oatmeal, etc…AND there is NOTHING so delicious as a ripe banana in it…We even eat baked or broiled oatmeal as desserts, with those ripe bananas hidden within like buried treasures…Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe…My banana basket mountain of bananas is a BIT TOO HIGH today and begging to be pruned… It’s nice a cool here in CT today SO let the baking begin!!! And I only used 3 bananas, so I’m not sure why it’s not rising. It was doughy in the center after 1.33 hrs of baking. I chucked in a handful of chopped dates too. Dark, dense, burbon-y goodness. It clashes a bit with the cloves (in hindsight I should have predicted this). I’m ashmed to admit how long it’s been since I’ve baked without my Kichen-Aid stand mixer, which made this such a lovely low-tech endeavor. I always look here first for a new or staple recipe. Yum! also, i was craving this bread (which i’ve made once a week for 4 weeks now) a couple of days ago and i didn’t have bananas. This recipe looks great! ( I’ve been playing with baguette recipes and I think I might have done some damage to the element splashing water in it to create steam. Added in a teaspoon of baking powder as some of the comments suggested, as well as nutmeg, cinnamon and a large spoon of Old Monk Rum – a big favorite here in India. I’ve just taken this out of the oven and it smells incredible! I like to add 1/4c chopped toasted pecans (or walnuts) after I mix in the flour for a bit of texture, and I top the whole thing with a generous sprinkle of turbinado sugar for crunch. You also might try putting a lot of cinnamon sugar on the lid, as we do here, for a crunchier effect. Again, as another partial compensation for the substitution of passion fruit pulp for mashed banana. Que sera, please continue picturing me someplace quiet, in a hammock, with a mountain view. Win-win-win. The title is great too! My friends who came over finished the entire thing – and honestly, the beauty of it was the speed with which you could throw it together. I left out the cloves because I don’t like them, and sprinkled some sugar on the top for a pretty finish. Jul 21, 2012 - [Psst! I have a lot of bananas (thank you Costco), so I put in 4 where I probably should have only used 3, so it was a little on the heavy side. Can’t wait for your book! Have made this mutiple times after scribbling the recipe down into a notebook that I could bring into the kitchen (have a very strict don’t bring the laptop into the kitchen policy ‘cos I’d end up dropping it into the sink or something). Fantastic recipe! On Friday, a coworker was trying to get rid of hers when I piped up, “You could just make banana bread!” This is the first time commenting in your website, but it’s my favorite for sure. Deb, this turned out great. I have made a million banana bread recipes in my life…but honestly…this one was the one that will make me stop trying others! Mine turned out quite clove-y… I have whole cloves in the pantry and grind them for recipes, but I am starting to notice a pattern that my baking using cloves always ends up over-clovey – are most recipes expecting people to use pre-ground cloves, which would perhaps be milder? So today, I browsed and found not only this wonderful banana bread recipe (I have two, mini loaves in the oven right now!) I used 3 tbsp butter and 3 tbsp whole milk Greek yogurt instead of 1/3 up butter, 1/2 cup palm sugar because it’s what I had, and only had brandy not bourbon so tossed in a splash of that. Thanks again, for yet another great recipe! I made this banana bread last week for an office party, it was gone within minutes! I didn’t have any bourbun and wanted to make sure it was still moist, so I substituted ~1 tablespoon low fat sour cream. I’m not sure if someone already asked this but I didn’t see the comment….. Uhh like I said on the new post: this recipe has to be the greatest ‘nanner bread recipe of all time. Anyway, I finally managed to control myself long enough to actually get a loaf made, and man, is this recipe ever a keeper. My recipe is further jacked up by subbing maple syrup for brown sugar and plopping the batter into a muffin pan. I used 4 large bananas, 6-7” long, and it worked super well. I hope they have some very brown bananas…I can’t wait! I didn’t have ground cloves on hand, but the bread was still delicious and flavorful (though I think cloves would be a nice addition). Just made this recipe :) This was the second time Ive made it- first time was phenomenal. The baking soda isn’t old and I was just wondering why it keeps coming out so flat? This batch is for my mom, who heard that I made it earlier and purposely left two bananas on the counter for the past few days. Thanks for the recipe, Deb! Not spotted but down right black, my mother says, the riper the better. :):), The banana bread recipe I typically use is the one from Elise. As I was making it I noticed that I had some well aged, fully brown, bananas. Thanks so much for sharing :o). With my 9 x 5 pan, it only took 45 minutes. :). With the larger pan the loaf of course didn’t rise as high, but it still looked nice and was done in 45 minutes. I cant wait to check out your other recipes. Does that change it to “Beam Me Up Banana Bread”? Delicious, and I can’t wait to take them to work this week! I will try the Banana bread.Looks like original.Very tempting to make.Thanks 4 posting. I added 2 handfuls of mixed, broken nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts, cashews) to the mixture. My all time favorite banana bread recipe and a one – bowler to boot! Guess my diet will have to wait again :). I had the exact bananas you were describing in my fruit bowl. Baked great in 35 minutes and still delicious but I’ll sweeten it up a bit next time. What do you think? And they didn’t taste gross-healthy-uncooked in the way that wheat flour substitutions so often do. I must say, this is my first recipe from Smitten Kitchen and apparently first post. Of. Like, will it never cook through? Awesome! I made this twice. I made this tonight, and of course it’s delicious! After they are frozen, pop them out and put the “banana patties” into a freezer bag and store in your freezer. My first time commenting- I love Smitten Kitchen… your webwsite is my hobby, and my point of relaxation throughtout hectic days. Now that I’ve read through the comments I can even see that the question I had (about what acid will react with the baking soda for leavening purposes) is answered and someone mentioned something intriguing about maple syrup. That was trader JOE’S!! Absolutely delicious. Finally put it together today and I was delighted it came out as well as it did! Oh yes, I only had about 2 tsp of bourbon so I tossed in an unmeasured splash of scotch to top it off. Sweet Potato. My husband said it was the best banana bread he has ever had. The pictures of everything are all so fantastic, and everything that I’ve made has turned out wonderfully. And I figure part of the reason might be that the extra banana diluted the spices (which I used in the exact same amounts; did not alter for a ratio). The cake ends up super-moist and naturally very sweet. This was the ultimate holiday bread yesterday, and then this morning, after a night of settling into a dense, moist loaf in the refrigerator, it is unbelievably delicious: ready to be eaten cold and straight, room temp with a dab of cream cheese, or lightly toasted with butter. Even more delicious. And yes, this is FABULOUS! Roommate’s reaction: “oh, that’s really good!” Me: “It’s gluten-free.” Roommate: “Seriously?” Me: “Ya.” Roommate (muffled by third bite): “No $h!+!”, I am happy again. YUM! I added one tsp of instant espresso and instead of 1 tbsp bourbon I used 1 tbsp of my rum vanilla extract. I love your recipes and your personal notes preceding them! Used 4 bananas, 3/4 light brown sugar and added toasted walnuts and 60% choc chips. The post will be coming soon. x. I have been using your site for awhile now, a friend had recommended, and I am definitely “Smitten” by it! For those asking if rum would be an OK substitute, I used rum instead of bourbon and ended up using ~2.5 tablespoons (first added more for fun, then added even more because the batter seemed a bit dry after adding the flour). Thanks for the great recipe! Freakin banana bread from the heavens!!! I used smaller sized pans and burned my bread slightly but it was still good. I have 3 boys–ages 7, 11 and 13. It looks and smells delicious! I loved the trick about not having to separate the eggs. And I had only dark brown sugar, so I used a combo of that and unbleached organic sugar. So glad I found this recipe so many years ago. The flour seemed white and refined enough. If not, I’ll be sure and post an update to this comment so as not to lead anyone astray! America’s Test Kitchen’s Banana Bread Recipe Is *Definitely* Extra, but Is It Worth the Fuss. Flor de Cana is the incredible Nicaraguan rum, best sipped on the rocks with a teeny bit of lime, which added the most incredible flavor to the bananaey goodness that is this bread. It might work if you want a frosting. I’m so sorry, Deb. This one tops the list! To really have a party, I made some bourbon whipped cream..otherwise I must admit alcohol does rather get lost in the baking. Molly – Yum, Woodford Reserve, I will have to try that again. Regular muffins, about 20-24. My husband said “this is the best banana bread I’ve ever had!” Thanks!! Freckles hit the trash every time (sorry!). I bake in a little electric OTG which makes temperature control fairly difficult. It tastes good to me but for the loaf I’m giving away, I think I’ll make a bourbon and powder sugar glaze. I’ve made this several times b/c my husband prefers it to the Bisquik one I grew up with and have a soft spot for. Baked for 55 minutes and came out perfectly moist but not under cooked. I’ll definitely use this recipe again, hopefully with bourbon next time. Its slightly denser looking than yours, but thats the way they like their banana bread Downunder, I know this is going to be a hit at tea this arvo, and I WON’T be disclosing the nature of that secret ingredient, no one needs to know the banana bread their toddler is devouring contains a cheeky hit of Jack Daniels! On banana bread?!? I’m wondering if that was the culprit. I love your addition of salted butter, and the bourbon! Pour mixture into a buttered 4×8 inch loaf pan. In my haste, I messed up adding the spices into the flour instead of egg mixture, and then I forgot to add the egg until I had already mixed a fourth of the flour – no matter! I used 2 T instead of 1 T to try to be able to taste it to no avail. Besides, kids shouldn’t have bourbon anyway. Deb you sure know how to bastardize a recipe! I omit the bourbon, only did 1/4 c sugar and threw in some choc chips and even added a handful of blueberries just for fun. Thank you for yet another remarkable recipe. I made this recipe today as mini muffin sized for my toddler to eat as snacks, minus the bourbon but plus nuts – scrumptious!! Perhaps a tad “too” moist, but not really a problem. Thank you!!! As for cutting recipes down, I do it all the time. It is SO moist, SO flavorful, SO perfect. Lastly, I switch all of the flour for whole wheat. Haven’t tried any of her suggestions; the recipe here is my go to, and I have no plans to switch! still on the hunt for that perfect banana bread. I always stress out with banana bread recipes that call for 2-3 ripe bananas or 3-4 ripe bananas etc. Preheat your oven to 350°F and butter a 9×5-inch loaf pan.

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