What are ombre wicks?

In recent seasons, ombré wicks have positioned themselves as one of the trends that have added the most followers. Its name – “named” in French – refers to the gradient that characterizes them. It is a type of coloration that leaves the darkest part in the roots to gradually clear up to the tips. Thus, it is a more subtle and natural option than Californian wicks, whose cut between the dark and the lightened part is usually more drastic.

This coloring technique allows you to add subtle wicks to the mane that brings light to the face. It becomes the best way to give a small breath of fresh air to your hair and change your look effortlessly.

How to get the wicks ombré at home?

Coloring at home is simpler than you think and allows you to also reproduce the most advanced coloring techniques such as ombré wicks.

To do this, you must get the Luminous Blonde Dye 8.0 or the Extra Light Blonde Ash Dye 110 Color Sensation, depending on how clear you want the wicks. You must consider your original tone. If you have very dark hair, these products will not lighten enough for you to notice the cords ombre.

Once 48 hours have passed since the allergy alert test with the product, you should prepare yourself with old clothes and a towel around your shoulders. Once you have prepared the mixture, you can make partitions in the hair – preferably without washing so that the dye grabs better -. Ideally, with the line in the middle, create a barrier that separates the front of the head from the back. Once separated like this, you can start applying the product.

To get the wicks ombré, you will have to start applying the tips with the help of a brush and gradually go up to the height of the jaw. Then, taking the tufts between your fingers, you can blur with the part of your natural color so that the result is gradual and the transition is as natural as possible.

Once the time marked in the instructions has passed, you should rinse and dry the hair. So you will discover your new wicks ombre!

Sometimes, blonde dyes can be yellowish or orange tones, but you should not worry: it is perfectly normal and has an easy solution. To eliminate these shades of your hair, you should use the Olia Super Matting. Its formula allows you to neutralize the yellowish tones and get the spectacular blonde you were looking for.

If you thought that the wicks ombré could only be done in a hairdressing salon, surely you have been surprised to discover how easy it is to get them from your bathroom. If you take the step, we want to see how you look! Tag us in your photos on social networks and share the result with us.

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