With the arrival of good weather, you are probably thinking of renewing the closet and choosing the new swimsuits and bikinis that will accompany you in the coming months. However, it is not the only thing that makes up a beach look. Also, you might need the inspiration to choose the hairstyles that you will wear on the beach. The keys? Comfort and protection of the mane. Get ready for summer!

Messy Bun

The best of summer is to be able to opt for relaxed looks that do not require much time and that same mantra can also be applied to hairstyles. Therefore, a broken bun is the best option to go to the beach.

To achieve this, you have to twist your hair by turning it several times and fixing it with a catcher. The hair will be collected entirely, so you will forget that it hinders you with the wind or when you are sunbathing. If you do it after taking a bath, there will be a texture that will make you fall in love, and you will miss when you return to the city, so take advantage!


If you have long hair, you may not feel too comfortable with a bun. In that case, braiding it may be the best option. To do this, separate your hair into three strands and become a regular braid. This beach hairstyle will help you avoid getting your hair tangled up after a day at the beach. Also, if at any time you want to have it more collected, you have to twist the braid and grab it with a rubber band. You will have a more worked bun that will cause a sensation in your favorite beach bar!

Half bun

If what you want is to look great on the beach, but that does not bother you when walking and sunbathing, the ‘Half Bun’ is the perfect option. The idea is to collect the strands closest to the face in a small bun on the neck, leaving the rest of the hair on the floor. In this way, you will have a bright look to make yourself the best beach selfies, but you will show how sound the surf waves are in summer. All the advantages!

On the beach, the hairstyle you choose doesn’t matter but don’t forget to take care of your hair. Being exposed to sea salt and the sun, the hair has to dry out, and it will not hurt extra hydration. Also, if you have safe curly hair, you will want to prevent the curls from caking so do not forget to apply the Nutri Curls Uncolored Cream. It will help you keep the curls defined and without frizz even in the face of beach moisture.

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