Neither straight nor curly, wavy hair has many possibilities, more than you imagine. The key to making a wavy hair look perfect is to choose a haircut suitable for this type of hair. If you are thinking of going through the scissors, follow our advice to get a wavy palazzo.

Long bob

This type of haircut consists of wearing the hair with a length below the jaw and the part of the never a little shorter. It is a great way to take advantage of the volume offered by wavy hair and keep the “long hair” look. By making the hair shorter, it will weigh less, and the wave will take more shape.


Although you think that the bangs only look good with straight hair, the truth is that in recent seasons we have seen that the waves give the hits an utterly new air. If you want to get a more casual and relaxed look, bet on this cut. Many international models have already done so, what are you waiting for?


The layers in the hair are a convenient resource when it comes to giving volume in the nose. If you join a wavy hair, the result will be more marked and defined waves. And, when we talk about hair and volume, more is more.


The ‘wob’ is the sum of the waves (‘waves’) and the bob and is usually brought to the height of the jaw. This haircut is very flattering with the stripe to the side, to give movement to the mane. Also, it’s perfect if you want to look a little taller. By leaving the neck clear, this haircut manages to stylize the figure. Do you not believe it? Dare, and try it!

Although the cut is essential when it comes to wearing a perfect hairstyle, you should also use appropriate products that keep it healthy. For wavy hair, we recommend the Nutri Curls range. Your Shampoo and Mask contain pistachio oil that helps nourish the hair and leave defined waves avoiding frizz. To help you with your hairstyle and achieve perfect waves without weighing yourself down, the Nutri Curls Uncured Cream is excellent. It was never so easy to have the best wavy hair!

If you have wavy hair and you were thinking about making

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