One of the doubts that most often arise when using hair masks is the fact that we can get caked or oily, but with the Original Remedies Mask-Milk you will no longer have to worry about it, since It has an ultra-light formula and its milk-like texture allows to hydrate the hair without leaving it greasy or caked intensely.

It is possible that in our day to day we use the hairdryer, the hair straightener or tongs that can make the hair more fragile, as well as other aspects such as the sun or the pool. That is why, to help our hair recover a hydrated appearance, we should use natural hair masks.

Hair benefits

One of the benefits of the Original Remedies Mask-Milk is that it is formulated with organic ingredients of responsible supply and 98% of natural origin. Also, thanks to its lightness, it will take less to clear your hair, and that’s why we will save water. Now in summer, it is super important!

The good thing about these masks is that you can use them daily to maintain the hydration of your hair and it will also be easier to untangle it, since with the pool and the beach it sometimes becomes a more complicated task. No jerks!

Did you know that we have three different types of Milk Mask? Read on to find out which ingredient is best for your hair type.

If what you need is hydration for your hair, the nourishing Almond Mask-Milk contains almonds grown and harvested in the Pinoso Valley (Alicante, Spain) that together with the organic agave sap of Mexico provides revitalizing properties. Almonds are a source of nutrition and hydration that will make your hair hydrated with fresh, delicate, and … very soft fragrance!

For the most damaged or brittle hair, the Repairing Honey Milk Mask will be your ally. Honey, sourced from responsible sourcing in Hungary, is known for its softening and therapeutic effect, which will make your hair stronger. On the other hand, organic vegetable milk will provide you with the nutrition and hydration you need. The best? That does not grease and smells excellent.

Finally, if your hair tends to be unruly or frizzy, look no further! The disciplining Cocoa-Milk Mask is what you were screaming for. A mixture that unites the best of African Cocoa, known for its nutritional and softening properties, along with the organic milk of Alicante. Your hair will be intensely nourished, without frizz and soft from the roots to the ends. Goodbye rebel hair!

Beneficial for the environment

If after having read all the benefits that natural hair masks can give you, you have doubts, you will like to know that the pack of La Mascarilla-Leche will not only be the most practical way to take it anywhere thanks to its format, but, in addition, its ultra-light texture in milk offers a comfortable and so quick rinse that you will have your hair rinsed in the blink of an eye without spending so much water. Not only that, the container is manufactured with 50% recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable so you will not only take care of your hair … also the environment!

Surely now that you know the benefits of these natural hair masks, you will be more encouraged to wear them, and we would love to know your opinion. What do you like most about La Mascarillas-Leche? Do you have any doubts? Tell us on our social networks.

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