Probably one of your favorite steps when it comes to taking care of your hair is that of the mask. In addition to nourishing your hair, it is time to enjoy the smell it leaves in it and its softness. But which one is best for your hair?

Normal hair

Healthy hair is one that does not usually stay dry or frizzy. Nor does it tend to split ends or grease, but that is why we should not rule out applying a mask. Healthy hair also thanks to keeping it hydrated and is very easy thanks to the Hair Food Aloe Vera mask. Its formula is designed for this type of hair and helps nourish and keep it soft.

Fine hair

If your hair is thin and you notice it dehydrated, you should choose a suitable product. The yogurt texture of the Original Remedies Nutritious Almond Milk Mask is perfect for this type of hair. In addition to leaving it hydrated and soft, your hair will be light and without weighing down so you should not be afraid to apply a mask.

Dry hair

This type of hair is usually turned off, fragile, and feels dehydrated. Also, it tends to curl and have split ends. That is the sign that you need an urgent hydration chute, to recover the natural shine and overall health of the mane. For dry hair, we propose the Hair Food Banana mask that, thanks to its ultra-nourishing formula, profoundly nourishes the most dehydrated hair. And it contains banana extract, an ingredient with many hair benefits.

Damaged hair

The hair can be damaged by different causes such as sun exposure, stress, or excessive use of irons and dryers. Do not worry! It has a solution. The Hair Food Papaya mask is designed specifically for that type of hair. Its formula contains Brazilian papaya extract, which thanks to its benefits, provides the necessary vitamins to return the hair to its normal state.

Dyed hair

The coloring process has consequences on the nose and can leave it drier and dull. Therefore, a mask is the perfect option to help recover it. The Hair Food Goji mask has goji berry extract, a superfruit that helps rekindle the shine of dyed hair and keep its color alive. If you do not know the benefits of goji berries for hair, we tell you. They will surprise you!

Dry and unruly hair

If you notice your dry and complicated hair straightening, you have unruly hair, and macadamia is perfect for treating it. With the Hair Food Macadamia mask, you can tame it, and the straightening process will be more natural for you.

The best? All Hair Food masks are 3 in 1 and can be used as a treatment without rinsing, as a mask and as a conditioner. The most practical!

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