When we comb our hair every day, we can fall into a boring routine in which we always wear the same hairstyle. Braids become a perfect option to give new air to the mane and break the boredom. Here we discover what are the fashion braids so that you innovate in your day today. Join the trend!

The basic braid does not fail

Although it is too simple, the primary or English twist is a must when combing and becomes a most versatile hairstyle. To do this, you have to separate the hair into three ends and braid them as you usually would: cross the one on the right over the center and repeat with the other side. The best thing about this hairstyle is that depending on how tight or loose you leave the braid; the result will be completely different. Once you’re done, you can decorate it with small flowers to get a more boho-chic look. Who was going to tell you that your childhood hairstyle would reinvent itself like this?

Pick up your mane with a root braid

This type of braid is an ‘upgrade’ of the basic braid and gives a more sophisticated style. Also, it provides an extra fixation when it comes to picking up the hair and is perfect to wear in more severe events. Doing this type of hairstyle requires a little more skill but don’t worry: with practice, you will get it to be perfect.

To do this, separate the front part of the mane and divide the section into three ends, leaving the rest of the hair loose. Then, start braiding them usually and go adding thin strands from the sides to the strand you weave.

Repeat the steps until you reach the end of the mane, and you will get a perfect root braid. You will see that it is easier than you thought!

Boxer braids are still top

A couple of years ago, boxer braids became one of the biggest hair trends. Although we thought it would be a passing trend, the truth is that they have come to stay and have not abandoned us. These braids, also known as Dutch braids, are based on the root braid. To do this, you must make the line in half and separate the hair into two halves. On each side, you should take a small section in the front and start braiding. So that the braid is with the volume on the rest of the head, you will have to pass the tufts underneath instead of above, as you usually do with other types of braids. Go adding strands as you go and, when you get to the neck, continue braiding without adding more hair until you reach the end of the strand.

Herringbone braids, the most elegant option

This type of braid is a more elaborate hairstyle but that, with a little practice, you can master. To achieve this, you must separate the hair into two equal strands. Then, you must take fine strands of each side and cross them and then join them with the other strand. Go repeating that step, alternating sides. Think that the finer the strands you add, the more elaborate and beautiful the braid will be.

For the braids to be perfect, your hair must be hydrated. To do this, we recommend the Hair Aloe Vera mask that deeply moisturizes your hair, leaving it soft. The best thing is that by not needing rinsing, you can apply it just before braiding the hair. You will get that the grip is more excellent and that the braid is more defined. It will hook you!

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