The blond never goes out of style but always renews. When you thought that there were no new ways to wear blonde hair, a new trend appears that will make you think about a change of look.

The ‘Toasted coconut’ is treated and is as delicious as it sounds. It is a hair tone that combines the coldest, almost platinum blond, with the golden blond and a darker root. This mixture of tones is the key to this trend and allows to give depth to the mane and illuminate the face. Wow, it’s an all-in-one hair color that takes advantage of the best of each color.

How do you get ‘toasted coconut’ hair?

Joining this trend is simpler than you think. You will only need a little patience to get the three-dimensional effect that is sweeping Instagram.

One of the keys to this look is the darkest root, so if you are brown or brown, you will have it very easy.

To do this, the first thing you should do is apply Olia D +++ Bleach. You must do it 48 hours after having performed the allergy test. Apply the media bleach to tips and blur a little towards the root with your fingers. In this way, the result will be as natural. Once the exposure time indicated in the instructions has passed, rinse and dry your hair.

Then, it’s time to give the blonde wicks. To do this, we suggest Dye 7.13 Rubio Canela de Olia. Prepare the mixture and apply it with the help of a brush in thin strands, following the technique of balayage wicks. It is better to go slowly and work the strands as thin as possible. Thus the result will be much more professional.

Finally, if the dye has been yellowish, you can color it with Olia’s Super Matifying. Its purple pigments will help balance the color and achieve the perfect result.

Who looks good toasted coconut hair?

The brown hair that looks for a change of look are the ones that can make the most of this color trend. Having the darkest root, the result will be more natural and will require fewer color touch-ups. This tone allows you to forget about the nightmare of repeating the dye every time your hair grows so take advantage of it!

In addition, it brings luminosity to the face so as to soften the factions of girls with dark hair and dull skin tones.

If you have platinum blonde hair, this hair color also helps to give a golden touch and warmth to the mane. Wow, that the ‘toasted coconut’ will surely look great on you.

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