If you want to know how to get movie hair, keep reading this article that we have prepared for you, because this time we give you all the keys to wear XL hair.

How to achieve an XL mane?

All women can have healthy and beautiful hair, MyStraightener blog has to propose it! If you take into account these tips that we give below, you will notice an incredible improvement in your hair.

First of all, the shampoo and conditioner that you usually use in your hair routine are essential. The Crece Fuerte range is one of the most suitable for achieving an XL mane, since it fortifies your hair, reactivates growth and, thanks to its high concentration of Stemoxydine, you will have a higher capillary density. We recommend it without a doubt!

After having washed your hair, wrap it in a towel for a few minutes. In this way, excess moisture will be absorbed correctly, but do not rub, because of your damage and damage your hair. When brushing, use wide spiked combs and always start from the bottom to the top, and don’t jerk! Because in this way, the hair breaks and cracks. Although it is evident, we remind you. Use the comb when you have wet hair and dry brush, so you avoid hair fiber breakage.

If you let your hair dry outdoors much better! Dryers and irons eventually damage your hair. But if you have no other choice, it is more advisable to do it with cold air and using a safe distance that does not damage your hair.

Cutting the tips frequently is vital

The dry ends and open are one of the most common problems in long hair. To avoid this, try to reduce the tips once a month or every two months, depending on whether you want to keep the same length or change the look. Hair always grows, more specifically one centimeter a month, so don’t worry.

Using a serum or a tip sealer will help you improve your appearance noticeably. Remember that to achieve an XL mane. The tips are an area that should not go unnoticed.

The massages are a differentiator. Once you have 100% detangled hair, massage the scalp firmly, and with circular movements, in this way, you stimulate the blood microcirculation and, therefore, strengthen the hair and stimulate its growth.

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