When looking for a hairstyle for wavy hair, it offers a great asset. The waves bring a lot of texture to the hair and allow you to get much more out of your hair. With these hairstyles that we carry here, you can comb your hair for any occasion and show off your waves as you always wanted.

Low ponytail

The pigtails never fail, and with wavy hair could not be less. The simplest hairstyle becomes more cooling when you have waves and help you to give a texture that straight hair cannot boast.

Although you can make a high ponytail, we suggest you give it a more trendy touch with a ponytail at the bottom of the neck. To add extra volume, carefully card the top of the crown. You will look taller! Once you have made the ponytail, wrap the catcher with a strand and fix it with a fork to hide it. This hairstyle will look great with any look, even in the unique events. That easy!

Side stripe

Sometimes, it is not necessary to devote much time to the hairstyle, and with a simple change of line, you get a completely different finish. In the case of wavy hair, the side parting is excellent for a casual look. To do this, you must take a fine comb and make the line to the side. Then, cup the waves with your fingers to get extra volume.

So that your waves are perfect in this hairstyle, we recommend the Nutri Curls Airless Dry Rinse Cream. It allows leaving the wavy hair nourished and defined, and without using a dryer!

Half bun

From day to day, we usually look for practical and straightforward hairstyles. Sometimes we need to remove the hair from the face. Therefore, half bun is excellent to wear every day. To do this, you must make a partition of the upper part of the mane and form a bun at the top of the neck. Fix it with a rubber band and, if you need an extra grip, add a bun fork.

This hairstyle is perfect for getting a casual look at surfing inspiration. Your waves will give the final touch to the hairstyle!

To wear all these hairstyles, it is recommended that you follow a particular routine for wavy hair. The Nutri Curls range is perfect for keeping waves defined and nourished while keeping frizz at bay.

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