If there is a type of hairstyle that reigns on social networks are braids. Article by https://bishonenworks.com. There is an infinity of tutorials to learn how to make all kinds of twists, but there is one that is the protagonist of many of those tutorials: the waterfall braid. If you still do not master that technique, with our advice you will become an expert.


What is the waterfall braid?


This type of braid is based on a semi-pick that drops the rest of the mane, reminiscent of a waterfall. It is a very versatile look that looks great on any occasion and looks. Also, it gives a very romantic touch and, therefore, has become the favorite hairstyle of many brides for their most special day.


The best? It is much easier to get than you think.


Waterfall Braid: Step by Step


  • Brush your hair

Having completely untangled hair is essential to make a perfect braid. It is the best way to get the twist ends to be defined and make braiding easy for you. To do this, use a brush with wide bristles that allows removing the knots. The best way is to do it with dry hair. That way, you will prevent the hair from breaking. You must start by brushing the tips and go up to the media and finally brush from the root. It is the best way to undo the knots that could have been created.

  • Make a partition

The waterfall braid is better with the stripe aside so you should start by separating the hair in this way so that the “waterfall effect” stands out more. Next, separate a section from the front of the head, from the broad side of the hair part. This section should be about two fingers wide. The larger this section, the wider the braid will be.

  • Apply a moisturizing product

Any hairstyle is better with a careful and hydrated hair, so applying a moisturizing product before combing it is highly recommended. We suggest Hair Food masks that, because they do not need rinsing, will nourish the hair and help you keep the braid ends well defined .

  • Start braiding

Separate the partition into three equal ends and start weaving them as you usually would. Then, you must add hair. Grab a strand and add it to the end on the left and cross the end of the leftover the central period.

This is where the part that distinguishes the cascading braid comes. Instead of passing the right end over the center, you must drop it to get the “waterfall effect.”


Keep repeating these steps until the result convinces you. Do it as you like!

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