Ties? Yes!

Sometimes you don’t need to spend hours and hours at the hairdresser to get a perfect hairstyle for essential events. And, with a simple bow, you can give your mane a lot of play. To do this, remove the front of the hair and pick it up with a ponytail on the back of the neck. Then, hide the catcher with a ribbon making a bow. That easy! The best? You can buy a fabric that matches your look in any haberdashery: practical and chic at the same time.

The braid never fails

We usually resort to semi-chosen to remove hair from the face but without losing elegance. That is why twists become an excellent resource for this. Separate two strands of each temple and braid them. Then join them in the neck. You can do it by following the braid or making a small bun. It will look great with a more boho look and a floral print dress.

Try the jewel pins

If you like to follow the latest trends, you cannot forget the jewel pins. They are the boom of the season and will look great in a more sophisticated look. Decántante by those of type XXL or those decorated with pearls. Then, make the line to the side and pick up one team with one or more pins just above the ear. You will catch all the eyes!

And … how about a headband?

If your style is more classic, you can pick up your hair with a headband. There are all types, and you can easily find the one that best suits the look you have chosen. If you want to lift the hairstyle more, you can Sardar the hair a little in the never. You will get a haircut of the most ‘ the sixties’ that will feel great.

Before choosing the hairstyle, it is vital to take care of your hair. A healthy mane is a perfect base to show off an ideal hairstyle so don’t forget to nourish it before you start combing it.

Its benefits include protecting the hair from frizz and providing softness and shine: just what you need to show off your hair at a wedding.

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